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Olivia Munn defends John Mulaney romance amid criticism: “It’s easier to blame me”

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Olivia Munn has revealed why she is not responding to criticism surrounding her relationship with John Mulaney, citing a refusal to “fuel a narrative that just isn’t true.”

Olivia munn will not address speculative chatter about his relationship with John mulaney. The actress, 41, is expecting her first child with comedian, 39, news that has drawn mixed responses due to the stand-up comic’s recent split with his wife Anna Marie Tendre. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times November 16, Olivia said she refused to respond to criticism so as not to “fuel a narrative that just isn’t true”.

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn (Evan Agostini / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

“It’s certainly no stranger to me to have people speculating incorrectly on things and having rumors running rampant one way,” she said. “They think they know our relationship so well, when in reality they don’t. There is no way anyone can know what their relationship was or what our relationship is. She added, “For some reason it’s easier to blame me. If I try to say anything, I run the risk of being called a mess or not telling the truth.

The actress speculated that the “only way to win” was “to back down and not play at all.” She and the actor have been linked since May. Reports of the relationship came months after John completed a 60-day stint in rehab in December 2020, and three days after the comedian’s rep confirmed he had separated from his wife.

Although Olivia hasn’t addressed the gossip publicly, the comedian has already incorporated the relationship into his material, joking about the “mixed reviews” he would receive when he spoke to people about the pregnancy on a stand-up show. At New York. “He’s so funny, and he’s so articulate, and he’s so smart,” Olivia said. Los Angeles Times. “The first time he made this joke, I remember laughing. I would be with him on the road, and I would hear him tell this joke, and I felt a healing feeling with it.

John Mulaney
John Mulaney (Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

She added: “It’s hard to be pregnant for the first time and have someone say something else, like ‘Congratulations’.” In the interview, she also spoke about her recently released film. Purple, a drama that follows a woman terrified by voices in her head that tell her that she is not enough. The role resonated and Olivia said it was difficult to “get rid of” after the shoot.

“There are scenes where I would collapse crying,” she said. “And when they would scream cut, I’d still be emotional about it and just take a little time aside.” . . . Getting to that state of self-hatred and doubt – it’s not something to get rid of, at least for me, because it’s so true of the way I’ve been around for so long.

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