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Olivia Jean Merkel: 5 things to know about Jack White’s new wife

Jack White surprisingly married Olivia Jean Merkel, moments after he proposed to her in front of fans on stage at his show in Detroit, MI. Find out everything you need to know about him here.

jack white46, attracted a sold out crowd on April 8, when she reportedly proposed and then married immediately Olivia Jean Markelia, 32, while on stage at his show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI. The singer’s thrilling night began when she brought the beauty next to her and in front of her fan during the White Stripes song “Hotel Yorba” and put a ring on her finger. “It’s been a great day, mind if we get married now?” Jack asked again, according to page sixThe rest of their band members and their parents exchanged vows before joining the couple on stage.

So, who is this amazing girl who stole Jack’s heart? Learn five things about him and his impressive career below!

Olivia Jean is a musician like Jack.

She began making music at a young age while growing up in Detroit, before moving to Nashville, TN to work with Jack’s company Third Man Records, according to her after listening to her demos, Deadline Detroit, her future husband apparently helped form her all-female goth/garage band, The Black BellesIncluding Drummer Shelby Lynn and bassist ruby rogersafter he was transferred.

Olivia Jean said, “I had a recording that I gave to Jack, and it was mostly instrumental music, but it was a jumping off point for starting some projects.” interview journal Regarding making a band. “I did it for myself, but I didn’t play anything live because I didn’t have a band. But once we all met, we collaborated and shared ideas, put all those ideas together, and We had a lot of material to work with.”

,[Jack] was always helping us, and believed in all our opinions and what we wanted to do, and helped us do those things,” she continued. “As you said we all have the same taste, in fact his taste is very similar to us too! He was very easy to work with. He helped us in every way.”

After releasing her debut album in 2011, The Black Bells went on hiatus in 2012, and Olivia Jean began a solo singing career. As of 2022, she has released two solo albums and a solo EP.

She is Jack’s third wife.

jack white
Jack White has been married three times. (Christine Chew/UPI/Shutterstock)

They were married before he and Olivia Jean tied the knot live on stage meg white 1996 to 2000 and then Karen ElsonWith whom he has two children, from 2005 to 2013.

Olivia Jean is an epic guitar player.

Apart from singing, Olivia Jean reportedly learned to play the guitar at the young age of 7 and continued from there. she often shares incredible pictures And videos of him rocking the stage while playing the instrument in the show.

She often shares memorable moments of her life on social media.

Olivia Jean is known for posting posed photos, photos and videos of herself on stage, and all kinds of moments from those closest to her, including Jack, for her music career. in birthday post In July 2021, she called Jack “an incredible human being and one of a girl’s greatest friends”.

They also posted a photo of them posing together in London in September 2021, which can be seen above, as they attended the “Pre-Grand Opening of Third Man London”. ,What an incredible two days. Man of the hour and me before the pre-Grand opening of @ThirdManLondon,” she wrote in the caption of the picture. I am very happy for everyone involved. Proud to be part of this family and to have met so many kind people in London who joined in to celebrate.”

Her relationship with Jack was kept private.

The dark-haired singer and her hunky beau never publicly revealed that they were dating, which made their public engagement and marriage even more surprising. It is not known exactly when they turned their friendship into romance. In an interview with Jack, Jack hints at improving his love life Rolling stone in March 2022.

“There has been a complete rebirth at all levels of my life during the pandemic,” he told the outlet. “I made a goal for myself that no matter how long it took, I was going to come out of it with a completely different perspective of looking at life.”

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