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OG ‘High School Musical’ stars Corbin Blue and Monique Coleman reunite at ‘HSMTMTS’ season 3 premiere

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There was this wildcat frenzy on the red carpet at the season 3 premiere High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, OG franchise stars Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman had a mini-reunion Wednesday that any true-blue would high school musical Fan is feeling nostalgic for uber.

Coleman posted a video of the two bumping into each other on his Instagram page, which shows the two sharing an adorable hug hsm“We Are All In This Together” is playing in the background. Coleman also posed with Bleu’s wife Sasha Clements in the video and posed for a selfie with the couple behind them.

“I had the best time at the season 3 premiere of @highschoolmusicalseries,” the actress captioned her video. “I always love seeing my #disney family with my love @corbinbleu and @sashclements +! #onceawildcatalwaysawildcat”

Blue joined HSMTMTS The ensemble for season 3, following in the footsteps of the past hsm Grands Lucas Grabeel and Casey Stroh—who both appeared in the first season—where they played an enhanced version of themselves.

Unlike previous seasons, which were set at East High in Salt Lake City, Utah, the new installment takes the wildcats to sunny California, where they will sing and dance at Camp Shallow Lake, a family-owned slipway camp. The Wildcats and their fellow campers produced a “high-stakes” frozen And determine who is the “best in show”.

Although Coleman did not appear in the spinoff series, Blue and fellow guest star Jason Earles previously told ET that she would be the perfect candidate for a future cameo.

“I’m a big fan of Monique and I know [Corbin] Loves working with Monique,” Earles said earlier this month when asked by ET which Disney Channel star should guest star on the next show.

Blue agreed, saying, “I’m with you on that, and I know she, I don’t want to speak for her, but I’m pretty sure she’d love to be a part of it too.”

hsm The alum also explained how . new season of HSMTMTS The classic calls back to the days of Disney Channel, with music from camp Rockwhich starred Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, as well as high school musical Voting.

“It still means a lot to all of us, but I think what’s cool about it… Season 3 [is] we hurt ourselves back Disney Channel Games days,” Bleu recalled, how the competition series brought together the stars of various Disney Channel shows and movies. “And when you think about the time we were on Disney, all the different shows. We will cross all that we were walking. way. You think of the Jonas Brothers, you think of Raven and the Cheetah Girls, and all of them, all of us [grew] together in that machine. So, I think there can be many different opportunities [for guest stars], But I think Monique is such a good choice.”

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Now streaming on Disney+.

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