This Wednesday, September 1, the 78th version of the Venice Worldwide Movie Pageant begins, which can final till Saturday the eleventh, and there may be an Argentine movie in competitors, with Oscar Martinez as a co-star.

It’s the co-production with Spain Official competitors, by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, who will go for the Golden Lion. They star, along with Oscar Martínez, Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. The duo of administrators already offered on the Mostra The illustrious citizen, for which Martínez gained the Volpi Cup 5 years in the past.

“We never saw the film with an audience, the international premiere in Venice will be the first time, we are all anxious to hear the response of the people at the Palazzo del Cinema,” says Duprat to Clarion, shortly earlier than flying to Italy.

Antonio Banderas And Oscar Martínez Make Up Two Actors Who Hate Each Other.  Photos Manolo Pavón And Samantha López

Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez make up two actors who hate one another. Photographs Manolo Pavón and Samantha López

“We didn’t see her with the actors either, we’ll see each other in Venice after the filming that ended last year. They have seen it in different stages of post-production, but never completely finished and in a big room ”, says Cohn, solo director of 4×4.

The filmmakers will journey in the present day, from Ezeiza, and can arrive tomorrow Thursday in Venice, the place they’ll keep for 5 days. There will probably be added Oscar Martínez, from Madrid, and the Spanish Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz, who arrived yesterday Wednesday, since she is the protagonist of the movie that can open -and in competition- the Mostra tonight: Parallel momsby Pedro Almodóvar.

Banderas, Cruz And Martínez.  She Is The Director Of The Film That The Actors Shoot.

Banderas, Cruz and Martínez. She is the director of the movie that the actors shoot.

The plot

However what’s the plot of the film? Duprat tells it like this to Clarion: “It’s about an obscure businessman in the pharmaceutical industry (José Luis Gómez), who wants to clean up his image. For that, he thinks of alternatives: having an art museum, building a bridge and donating it, but finally he ends up leaning towards the idea of ​​making a movie, to stick to the prestige of others, walk red carpets, and so on. The millionaire has next to him an obsequious person who processes everything that his boss decides (Manolo Solo), who hires the best director, the most prestigious (Penélope Cruz) and the two most important actors in the country (Banderas and Martínez), who do not they have never worked together because they hate each other. This is the kickoff of ‘Official Competition’ ”.

Gastón Duprat Observes Banderas, During The Filming In Spain.

Gastón Duprat observes Banderas, throughout the filming in Spain.

“I think that the three leading actors (Oscar, Penelope and Antonio) have taken a huge artistic risk in the film, and the result is extraordinary. They have gone absolutely new and unexplored paths. We have never seen these great actors doing a performance as played as the one they do in Official Competition. And the artistic result they achieve is amazing. Pure dynamite, ”guarantees Duprat.

Official competitors It will likely be screened on the perfect day and at an unbeatable time: on Saturday, and at 7:30 p.m. central time. Then, the movie will go to different festivals, comparable to Toronto and San Sebastián, this similar month of September, and London, in October, to premiere, in precept, originally of 2022 in Argentina.

Andrés Duprat (Co-Writer), Cruz, Cohn And Martínez Observe A Scene In The Filming On The Monitor.

Andrés Duprat (co-writer), Cruz, Cohn and Martínez observe a scene within the filming on the monitor.

Duprat and Cohn, along with The illustrious citizenIn 2016, they offered My Masterpiece on the Venice Movie Pageant, the primary as a director and co-writer, and the second as a producer.