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“Of the worst singers”: Gustavo Adolfo Infante and his acid criticism of Stephanie Salas after paying tribute to Silvia Pinal

Infante launched harsh criticism against the performance of Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter (Photos: Cuartoscuro.com)

This Monday, August 29, after a long time of requesting it, Sylvia Pasquel managed to finally surrender a tribute to Silvia Pinal. The great event took place with the assistance of important figures from the cultural and artistic world, who gathered at the monumental Palacio de Bellas Artes, in Mexico City, to celebrate the 73-year history of the so-called “last diva of national cinema”.

At the event, where the beloved actress looked very excited and smiling, her children accompanied her, Sylvia Pasquel, Luis Enrique and Alejandra Guzmansome of his grandchildren, and his great-granddaughter michelle hallsdaughter of Stephanie Chambers.

Doña Silvia enjoyed her tribute from the box of honor of the historic building, where she was able to enjoy Diana Bracho conducting a discussion highlighting the importance of her film viridiandirected by Luis Bunuel, and the representation of some excerpts from the musical theater plays he performed and produced at different times in his life.

The tribute to Silvia Pinal was attended by figures from art and entertainment, as well as people from the public (Video: Archive)

It was Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter who acted on stage, representing a fragment of the musical together with the actor Alan Estrada Hey, Dolly!in which the emblematic first honored actress participated in the 90s.

Stephanie Salas’ performance included dancing and singingas part of the remembrance of an act by the musical laureate in which Pinal performed more than 22 years ago alongside Ignacio López Tarso.

However, the performance of Stephanie Salas was harshly criticized by two entertainment journalists, who pointed out that the performance of the granddaughter of the protagonist of classic films such as simon of the desert Y old model in the cultural precinct left much to be desired.

“Not the vocalized one, huh? Stephanie Salas would have vocalized, it was the moment, not just anyone in her resume, there are figures of bel canto who have not stepped on Fine Artswho have not been on that stage and she who had the chance, sang quite badly, without feeling like the Lolita Cortés of the sun risesbut he sang a lot of ‘fellito’”, expressed Alex Kaffie in the program of Image Television.

Who shared his perception was Gustavo Adolfo Infanteand assured that Michelle Salas’s mother did not show enough talent to have shone in honor of the Mexican diva.

“She was there because she is the granddaughter of Silvia Pinal, not because she sings (…), I think Stephanie is one of the worst singers who has stepped on Fine Arts”, was the acid criticism of the driver.

The mother of Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter had already advanced a few hours before the media tribute, which was preparing the performance that had her “on the surface”.

“Well, I’ve been rehearsing for several weeks now. My participation in the tribute will be to perform a musical from those years, which everyone will remember, Hello Dolly!then I am immersed in that boat, in those rehearsals.

“I am happy and excited to also step on stage with Bianca Marroquín, Alan Estrada and it will be incredible to be able to sing ‘How are you Dolly? How’s Dolly doing?’ for me it’s like part of putting on a whole show”, he expressed for the program Come the joy Weekend.

Recently, Gustavo assured that Sylvia Pasquel, Stephanie's mother,
Recently, Gustavo assured that Sylvia Pasquel, Stephanie’s mother, “hates him” (Photos: Cuartoscuro.com)

In the event organized by the Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Inbal), Silvia Pinal was recognized as a pioneer of musical theater in Mexico, for which members of the National Symphony Orchestra (OSN), of the National Dance Company (CND) and the choir of Fine Arts Ensemble Soloistsunder the artistic direction of Diego del Río and the choreographer Óscar Carpía, in the artistic direction.

In addition, the star was recognized as a distinguished graduate of the historic artistic academy.


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