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Octavio Ocaña’s mother “Benito” visits the place where her son died

Mamá de Octavio Ocaña dice cómo se enteró de la muerte de su hijo

MEXICO CITY – This Sunday afternoon, Ana Luía Ocaña, Mother Octavio Okana, visited the site on the highway Chamapa dairy in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, where the actor died of a shot in the head. The lady was accompanied by Bertha Okana, one of his twin daughters.

Through Instagram that Octavio’s sister, who brought the figure of the “Benito River” to life in Neighbors, shared the picture of his mother at the scene of the accident.

Octavio Ocaña Mama
Photo: Instagram

“Mom, you know if he could have saved you the pain that you already live with and that you and papa will die with, but no doubt he always knew the great parents he had and how much they loved him, him Always knew that his family gave their life for him, today is one more day without him … Another Sunday with his absence trying to be strong and understand why he’s gone, he lives and rules in ours Hearts and so it will be until the last day of our lives, ”wrote Bertha on her Instagram account.

Also, the actor’s sister shared a story on the same social network where you can see the flower arrangement that Ana Ocaña brought him along with some candles.

Octavio Ocaña Mama
Photo: Instagram

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Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s partner, deletes her Instagram account

Although Nerea Godínez, friend of actor Octavio Ocaña, was open with her boyfriend’s fans until a week ago and even took pictures with whoever, the young woman decided a few hours ago to close her Instagram account without giving the reason who made them make this decision.

Since the interpreter of “Benito” died in “Neighbors”, Nerea had been active in networks, which she used to show the pain she felt for the loss of her boyfriend. He also opened his accounts to seek justice and solve Ocaña’s death.

In addition, the young woman Octavio would marry next year shared little-seen photos and videos of Ocaña on Instagram.

They are investigating the leakage of photos of Octavio Ocaña’s body

The State Attorney General of Mexico (FGJEM) opened an investigation following the leakage of photos shared on social networks, believed to be of the body of actor Octavio Ocaña, in the amphitheater of the IMSS Lomas Verdes Traumatology Hospital.

It is worth remembering that the 22-year-old died on Friday October 29th after his truck was in the area of Atizapan from Zaragoza, on the highway Chamapa dairy and a gun was reportedly accidentally fired containing a shot in the head of an actor known for his “Benito Rivers” character.

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