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Octavio Ocaña’s father receives a “mysterious” message

Mensaje a papá de Octavio Ocaña Benito

The actor’s father reported that they left a message on the windshield of his car.

TABASCO.- Octavio Perez, Father of the actor Octavio Ocaña, Who will always be remembered as “Benito” for his role in the comedy series “Neighbors”, reported that he had received a mysterious message urging him to continue fighting for justice.

The Tabasco businessman emphasized that continues to receive all of the support of the people who demand that the young actor’s death be clarified.

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What does the message you left for Octavio Ocaña’s father say?

Octavio Pérez a photography Where you can see a note that an anonymous person left it on the windshield of his car. The actor’s father stated that the role found caused a lot of emotions in him, as a message of support was written on it.

Since it is important for the comedian’s family that people believe that his son has been the victim of abuse of power by the Mexican police, the businessman assured him that the letter left him speechless

“Justice for Octavio. Soledad de Doblado demands it too”, these words stood in the note that surprised and moved the actor’s father.

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“Benito” Ocaña’s father added that found the note when leaving a restaurant where he had breakfast. Likewise, Pérez took this note to thank the fans who still have their son on their hearts and minds.

“Of course there will be divine and earthly justice,” said Octavio’s father, the businessman Octavio Perez.

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