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Octavio Ocaña’s family asks for help to solve the death of “Benito” (video)

Familia de Octavio Acaña pide fotos y vídeos

Octavio Ocaña’s sister wants to collect photos and videos to help with the actor’s case.

MEXICO. – The death of Octavio Ocaña, better known as “Benedict” for his role in the comedy “Neighbors” he continues, and because the actor’s family keep fighting because of his death do not go unpunished, Recently, Bertha Pérez Ocaña, A sister of Octavio asked for help to solve the actor’s death.

the Sister of “Benito”, Via social networks asked to the people proof that can contribute to Octavio Okanawho lost his life on October 29, 2021 because of shot in the head after persecution by Cuautitlán Izcalli City Police.

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Octavio Ocaña’s family asks for help

Through your Instagram Bertha Okana divided Video in which asked for help from people have Photos and videos from the accident in which he lost his life Octavio Okana, “Benedict”.

Likewise, the comedian’s sister confirmed that she thinks it is unlikely that the actor accidentally shot himselfso he asked anyone who had some type of. has audiovisual material of the unfortunate event that they send it to him so that he can help solve the death of Octavio.

“Today I am writing to ask for your assistance […] I beg you if you have videos or photos … please send them to us. We take care of your identity and your data is kept confidential, ”explained the young woman, who also shared an email and a phone number to which the tests can be sent.

In the recording, Octavio’s sister, on behalf of the Pérez Ocaña familyShe thanked them for the support they have received since the actor’s death and assured them that they will not rest until the truth is known.

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The Ocaña family already has evidence

Bertha noticed that the investigations To check that Octavio Ocaña didn’t shoot himself, they carry on, but It’s a long process therefore, “Help (from everyone) can be essential.”

“Every day we have more items to check that my brother didn’t shoot himself […] Remember that your help can be essential to us or to clarifying the events that cost my brother the life, “said Bertha.

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The young woman also mentioned that the family’s legal representative already has some photos what are you? thoroughly analyzed to find details that contribute to the investigation. He also stressed that some Witnesses may not have shared their material out of fear Octavio Ocaña’s sister He warned not to be afraid.

“We are in our power lots of videos and photos… we know that there is a lot more that people want to share, but maybe they are afraid of it or have no way of sending it to us, “said the young woman.

Bertha Okana He ended his admission with thanks and appreciation for the work done by the legal team Case of Octavio Okana.

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