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Octavio Ocaña’s companions reveal what happened the day the actor died

Octavio Ocaña testigos vuelven a declarar

The death of Octavio Ocaña continues to cause controversy as witnesses have testified again.

MEXICO. – The death of Octavio Ocaña, when “Benito” is remembered for his role in the comedy series “Necinos”, it remains unclear why the young actor’s family continues to struggle to live up to him.

Lately it became known that research too The death of Octavio Okana could take an unexpected turn in the coming months as the people who accompanied him allegedly shot up they decided restore before the authorities.

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Octavio Ocaña’s companions testify again

Francisco Hernández, lawyer for the family of “Benito” ocaña showed that the witnesses of the accident, they decided to break the silence, as we remember that after the actor’s death was confirmed, it was reported that the Ocaña companions they had been tortured by Cuautitlán Izcalli Police to endorse the official version they’d released of the comedian’s death.

Both Accident survivors in which he lost his life Octavio Ocaña, “Benito”, at the age of 22 you made your decision speak out for the victim, this after receiving the protection.

Now the actor’s companions described what really happened on October 29, 2021.

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“Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself”: a witness confirmed

In an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, lawyer Francisco Hernández confirmed that the new testimony they are contrasted with the official version of the death of Octavio Ocaña.

The legal defense of the actor’s family also indicated that the companions “are very optimistic” after the companions’ testimony, as one of them noted: “He never saw Octavio draw a gun,” the lawyer ruled.

“There are some aspects of your testimony that I cannot reveal, but I can we are very optimistic […] Because of the shock, they can’t remember, but we asked the prosecution to provide them with psychologists so that they can remember their testimony during these days and expand on it, “said Francisco Hernández.

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“They said they have never seen that [Octavio Ocaña] it shot itself. One of them, the one in the back, says he never saw Octavio draw a gun, “added the attorney, commenting on the witnesses’ new testimony to the statements cited by the police Cuautitlán Izcalli.

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