Home Entertainment Octavio Ocaña received a tribute from his soccer team

Octavio Ocaña received a tribute from his soccer team

Octavio Ocaña received a tribute from his soccer team

After all that has been said and written after the tragic death of actor Octavio Ocaña, the Mexican received a symbolic tribute from the football team in which he played.

The honor was announced via the Instagram account of Bertha Ocaña, Octavio’s sister.

La Trinidad, a team where Octavio played in the Centennial Soccer League, paid tribute ahead of his game.

Ocaña’s teammates warmed up wearing white jerseys with the number 10 and the orange name of Octavio Ocaña.

A photo of Octavio Ocaña adorned the honor of his football team.

Although everyone wore the number 10, the actor’s record states that he used the number 28 to play.

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The cheers on Ocaña came immediately, which made the moment even more emotional.

The players’ families and companions joined in the applause and cheered to commemorate the young comedian.

“Today I have to be with your team, the team you loved so much that you came every Sunday to do what you were really passionate about shooting the ball and scoring a goal … you they all remember you and carry you in their hearts, “today they gave you their party above all and your support was very clear because they won; You are unforgettable on the recording sets, on the soccer fields, in the hearts of all your fans and all the people who knew you and in the soul of your family who loves you and will love you until the last day of their lives, ‘Bertha wrote on Instagram .

Octavio Ocaña and the passion for his soccer team

Ocaña’s passion for football was so great that he was ready to quit acting when he could have made his First Division debut.

Ocaña was a fan of Blue cross and his dream has always been to play with the light blue jersey for the Cementeros.

“I like to do my job as an actor well, I do my best, but what really fascinates me is football. I don’t know, it’s something I can’t avoid, it’s such an intense hobby that I would accept to go on for the rest of my life even with no money. Interpreting is a hobby, but football is my passion, it makes me happy and satisfied, ”he once said to Notimex.

Ocaña was lucky enough to see his champions team when Cruz Azul was crowned in Liga MX on May 30, 2021.

On that day, the actor celebrated the title in style with his family and fiancée Nerea Godínez.

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