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Numbers and pearls from The Great Game of the Goose, the worldwide phenomenon that brings its games to Argentine TV

Numbers and pearls from The Great Game of the Goose, the worldwide phenomenon that brings its games to Argentine TV

Light entertainment, action, adrenaline and fun: an ideal format for the summer is that he will hit the screen of El Trece with The great game of the goose. The cycle, with no set date yet for its airing but already included in the channel’s promos for 2022, was successfully tested several years ago in other countries.

The Argentine version that will come out in the prime time It will be produced by KZA, with the conduction of Joaquín Pollo Alvarez and Dani la chepi. Alvarez will also continue as one of the drivers of Us in the morning, on the same screen.

Dani La Chepi And Pollo Alvárez Are Already Filming &Quot;The Great Game Of The Goose&Quot;, Which Will Debut On El Trece In 2022.

Dani La Chepi and Pollo Alvárez are already filming “The great game of the goose”, which will debut on El Trece in 2022.

The format of The great game of the goose It is a global phenomenon, which has triumphed in several countries, and from El Trece they want to launch it as one of their highlights for 2022. The cycle proposes a mega display of scenographies with challenges in height and depth that requires a lot of production.

The cycle that awaits its airing “very soon”, by El Trece, is recorded in the 1,200-square-meter Pampa studios, with a production team of 100 people, in addition to 18 cameras to record everything the 150 participants do in more than 100 games, according to the data provided from Ktz.

The program was created in Italy, in the late ’80s by Jocelyn Hattab, and based on the famous board game. Then it was called Il Grande Gioco Dell’Oca, but the greatest success came a few years, later when the format landed on Spanish television What The Great Game of the Goose.

That version aired on Antena 3 for two seasons, between 1993 and 1995, every Sunday afternoon, and it was a total success. Then he returned in 1998, by another signal, Telecinco, as The new game of the goose, always driven by Lydia Bosch and Emilio Aragón (Milikito, the son of the famous Miliki of the Spanish clown trio Gaby, Fofó and Miliki).

The Great Game Of The Goose, In The Successful Version Of Spanish Television During The '90S.

The Great Game of the Goose, in the successful version of Spanish television during the ’90s.

The El Trece cycle will have several participants playing different challenges in a giant board that resembles the mythical board game. The mechanics are very simple: two or more players roll a die and try to advance through a board of 63 squares until they reach the end. The first one who arrives wins, simple.

But in the middle, to give it more excitement, there are several boxes that make you advance, rewind or lose shifts during the tour with tests that involve water, mud, wind and other types of obstacles to test the skills of the participants.

The name game

The duo of conductors of The great game of the goose was selected after a casting, which left on the way names like Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Laurita Fernández, Flor Vigna, Fede Bal and Sebastián Wainraich, among others.

Dani La Chepi (Daniela Viaggiamari, her real name), was happy from her social networks with this new project and This was recently communicated to his more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

The actress and influencer wrote about her new role as host: “A: it required the love and support of more than 3 million people; B: I worked for this more than 20 years; C: it generates an atrocious fear in me, but with fear and I will do everything, because I am brave; thanks for banking, very soon I will tell you more “.

For his part, Alvarez has also already begun to show something of what will come from his Instagram account: “I always tell you how happy this present makes me and to be part of the screen of El Trece (which I always dreamed of being) and today I am happy to be able to announce that I will be in another program in addition to Us in the morning“, advancement.

And he added: “With the Responsibility and pride that it gives me that it is in the Prime Time of @eltrecetv, the GREAT GAME OF THE GOOSE arrives VERY SOON with a scenery seldom seen and with many games to enjoy in FAMILY! I am with a WOMAN that breaks it and is going to surprise that it is @danilachepi “. Julián Bellese and Martina Fasce also make up the team.

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