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Now pets save superheroes, in the new DC Universe movie

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A new version of The Justice League hits the big screen today, this time starring the superhero pets. The film created by Illumination, the studio responsible for My favorite villainhas the voices in Spanish of Alfonso Herrera, Michelle Rodríguez, Mónica Huarte, Verónica Toussaint, Alex Montiel and Andrés Navy.

DC League of Superpets is the first animation directed by Jared Stern (the Lego writer) and tells the story of crypto, the dog who fights alongside Superman against crime in Metropolis. When the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League superheroes are kidnapped, Krypto gathers a group of pets from a shelter to rescue them.

“It is a solid project and very well done, I hope it will be a great excuse to return to theaters, after being locked up for so long, this is a good option. for some children super pets It will be his first experience in the cinema, due to his age and the pandemic and for those who do notit is good to revisit this experience again”, he told MILLENNIUM Alfonso Herrera.

Diego Luna enters the universe of superheroes in ‘DC League of Superpets’

Unlike other projects, Herrera shared that being part of the dubbing of an animated film allows her to connect in a different way with her family, “my children have a pet that is the superhero of the house, He has a tremendous understanding and patience for them, he follows them everywhere, he is the best, there is much to learn from these furry ones full of love.”

“An animated film opens up other fields for you. Yesterday I was with my son and the movie trailer came out on his tablet and he told me: ‘Dad, this is the movie you’re in,’ when you’re a father and you have that connection through what you do at work is priceless, it’s great that movie theaters are full, but that this happens with your children, it’s priceless”, he added.

The actor considers himself lucky, not only for the premiere of super petsalso because of the recent premiere of the Batman podcast and his next participation in Rebel Moonthe new film by Zack Snyder, “I am honored that they continue to invite me to be part of projects with directors that I deeply admire, the only thing I can do is give my best,” he said.

DC League of Super Pets (Special).

voices in spanish

“I like being the villain, I like that Lulu is confident in herself and has big plans, although they are prosecuted for evil, we are a team Lex and I, what do we do to him; In addition, my character teaches me a lot about loyalty, she wants to be with Lex and play at being a scientist and a villain, loyalty is something that animals have always taught us, “explained Michelle Rodríguez.

“Lulu’s sarcasm is also mine and I like to play this game of power and manipulation that we see in the story; besides, it is the first time that I play such a great character in dubbing and I love that she is a girl who has the guts to stand in front of Superman and get him in trouble, and she doesn’t doubt his abilities”, added the actress.

For Alex Montiel, this story was a gift that allowed him to reiterate the connection with pets, “there is a great message about teamwork, how they learn from each other and how they protect each other, this group of pets come together to help each other and then with their powers help others, that is also learned from our own pets, unconditional love”.

This animated film also opens the doors to new talent, after a first dubbing in Teen Titans in actionAndrés Navy gets back in front of the microphone to play Flashone of his favorite superheroes, “this is something that DC fans are going to enjoy, it is something very fresh for this genre of movie superheroes, it has been a beautiful process”.

“From my YouTube channel I talk about superheroes and all that has led me to collaborate with producers, in this case with Warner, and you know I’m a Flash fan, so when the opportunity arose to give this character my voice, I didn’t hesitate to fulfill the dream.and well, this process was easier than with my first dubbing, I got there much more fluidly, “added the youtuber.

Diego Luna speaks English

As a child, Diego Luna’s favorite DC superhero was Batman. Now, the Mexican actor does not hesitate to say that he is Chipa squirrel whose voice he interprets in English in the new animated film DC League of Super Pets.

It’s definitely the closest thing to superheroes that I believe in.”, Luna said in an interview from France regarding the premiere of the film.

Chip lives in an animal shelter along with the dog. Ace (Kevin Hart), PB the Pig (Vanessa Bayer), Merton the Turtle (Natasha Lyonne), and Lulu the Guinea Pig (Kate McKinnon).

His life changes radically when, for a little bit of kryptonite released into the world, everyone acquires superpowers. In his case, they are electrical rays that come out of his front legs. Many would marvel at this, but Chip is terrified.

He has many fears to overcome to find his powerLuna said about her character.

For Luna, it was “adorable” to play him. “I find that to be a fun and enjoyable thing to do, because I think that’s what growing up is all about, overcoming your fears and making sure that your fears don’t stop you from being who you are.“, said.

Diego Luna, Mexican actor.  / EFE

Diego Luna, Mexican actor. / EFE



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