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now, it is at sub-zero risk

now, it is at sub-zero risk

We already know, those of us who follow the race of Liam Neeson, that since his wife died tragically in 2009, Natasha richardson, choose projects where your character can deal with the loss of a loved one. And if it’s not like that in the script, you may even ask for it to be included.

It is not a minor fact when seeing Subzero risk, umpteenth action film by the actor from Relentless search. But they did not kidnap or murder his wife or daughter. We do not know if he is a widower, yes that he will put his life at risk by accepting an almost suicidal mission.

Liam is Mike, a large truck driver. There was a major explosion in a mine in northern Canada, miners are trapped and if a 30-ton header is not brought to the site, in less than 30 hours, workers will die from lack of air.

Liam Neeson, Trucker And Hero.  Photo Bf Paris

Liam Neeson, trucker and hero. Photo BF Paris

The inconvenient? You have to get there, the Katka mines, crossing ice routes. Frozen. And the weight of the transport can cause the ice to crack and sink the cargo, truck and crew.

But Mike is not alone. He is in charge of his brother, a mechanic, who is a war veteran who was badly injured after a raid in Iraq, which caused him a mental disability, and they are fired from one job to another.

They Capsized.  And Yes: Everything Happens To Them.  What If They Sink Into Frozen Water?  Photo Bf Paris

They capsized. And yes: everything happens to them. What if they sink into frozen water? Photo BF Paris

Either way, Mike is tough. And if your brother is called retarded, with a single blow he knocks down whoever says so.

And there go Mike and his brother, because for the task they must hire trained and experienced people. There are not many at hand, because – they say – it is vacation time. They recruit another, and they do so by paying bail to be released from jail, because she is an activist of the indigenous peoples, who when she finds out that her brother is trapped in the mine, does not doubt it.

Laurence Fishburne, From &Quot;The Matrix&Quot; To Driving A Truck.  Photo Bf Paris

Laurence Fishburne, from “The Matrix” to driving a truck. Photo BF Paris

And whoever hired them also travels (Laurence Fishburne, that if it were like in Matrix, where he played Morpheus, maybe he would take more precautions).

Simplifying, the thing is like this: they each go in their truck, carrying a head, to see if at least one arrives. And there is $ 200,000 to distribute among those who arrive on time and at their destination. If it is one, it takes everything. If there are two, you have to divide.

Marcus Thomas Is Gurty, The War Veteran And Brother Of The Protagonist.  Photo Bf Paris

Marcus Thomas is Gurty, the war veteran and brother of the protagonist. Photo BF Paris

Well. Yes. Some of what you imagine may be about to happen.

I do not believe you at all

Subzero risk is zero credible, and implausible after the viewer enters the plot, believing that nothing too strange could happen. But yes. We are no longer talking about the fights themselves, but about the problems that, one after another, Mike will have to face and solve if he wants to reach his destination.

What Are They Looking At?  Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder And Liam, The Good Guy.  Photo Bf Paris

What are they looking at? Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder and Liam, the good guy. Photo BF Paris

If they didn’t put a lot of money into the script – which was written by the director himself, Jonathan Hensleigh, better known as a screenwriter (Armageddon, Hard to kill 3, the first Jumanji) something they spent on the cast.

It’s full of familiar faces: Holt McCallany (Bill Tench in Mindhunter), Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), Matt McCoy (remember him from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle?) and Amber Midthunder -the translation of her surname is Half Thunder-, which this same year she premiered with Neeson The protector. In one of those, maybe he fixed a 2 x 1.

“Risk below zero”


Action / Drama. USA / Canada. Original title: “The Ice Road”. 109 ‘, SAM 13. From: Jonathan Hensleigh. With: Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishburne, Amber Midthunder, Benjamin Walker. Rooms: Showcase Belgrano, Cinépolis Avellaneda, Hoyts Unicenter.

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