Home Entertainment Not even Buñuel would have dreamed of it like that

Not even Buñuel would have dreamed of it like that

Not even Buñuel would have dreamed of it like that

It is not common to see what is seen in Unfortunate sex or crazy porn in the cinemas of Argentina. There are explicit sexThat is why it was rated Only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

A couple has sex and decides to film it. The man is seen taking his penis in the foreground, he masturbates, the woman does a fellatio also shown in detail, until they make love.

The theme of Unfortunate sex or crazy porn is that she is a teacher at a secondary school in Romania, the video leaks to the Internet and the parents of her students are offended.

Contemporary Social Satire, With A Bit Of Buñuel And Yes, Explicit Sex.  Photo Z Films

Contemporary social satire, with a bit of Buñuel and yes, explicit sex. Photo Z Films

The movie starts directly with the video in question. Irreverent, the director Radu Jude makes a contemporary satire on the hypocrisy in his country, yes, but much of what is told can be extrapolated to other regions of the world.

The Romanian, who obtained the Golden Bear in the Berlin Festival for the best film in 2021, he encountered the pandemic when he was going to start shooting, so he waited a few weeks and filmed it anyway.

And since there are many scenes that take place in the streets of Bucharest, people wander with chinstraps. But everything is understood: they argue in the supermarket because someone is delaying in line, a pedestrian is run over by a motorist with few fleas, the protagonist argues with someone who has parked the vehicle on the sidewalk.

The Protagonist Is A School Teacher Who Was Filmed With Her Husband, And The Video Went Viral On The Internet.  Photo Z Films

The protagonist is a school teacher who was filmed with her husband, and the video went viral on the Internet. Photo Z Films

Abuses everywhere

It is clear: the intention is to show that abuse is a matter of every day, and in all areas.

Tempers are heated, and you can see that in part it is because they have been locked up for a long time, and there are situations whereby anyone explodes without setting limits.

Among The Outraged Parents There Is A Military Man And A Priest.  Photo Z Films

Among the outraged parents there is a military man and a priest. Photo Z Films

But how Unfortunate sex or crazy porn It is a satire, the whole question of social distancing or the use of chinstraps is also used for situations that border on the ridiculous -when in a meeting at school, outdoors and taking care of health protocols, parents are asked to keep your distance, you yell “yes, how they keep it” in reference to the sex tape.

It is true that the director could have left the content of the video to the imagination of the viewers, and it does not matter that it was Emi’s husband (Katia Pascariu) but he uses it so that the parents, in the third chapter in the that divides his film, do a mock trial of the teacher, review “the material” in front of her, humiliating her, and do a witch hunt.

That among them there is a military man and a priest does nothing more than relate to Unfortunate sex … with the cinema of Luis Bunuel, saving the logical distances.

The Movie Was Shot In The Middle Of A Pandemic.  Photo Z Films

The movie was shot in the middle of a pandemic. Photo Z Films

That to defend herself, the teacher – who from the beginning try to put cold cloths for indiscretion – makes reference to the fact that the most revered poet of her country, Mihai Eminescu, has among his verses some that can be considered obscene, raises the bar again .

Between the presentation and the third “chapter” another provocation takes place. Slides or images follow one another to explain definitions or general concepts, about History or Pornography, for example, in which the director looks again for surprise, shock, generally from absurd humor.

But if someone is off guard, they better prepare.

“Unfortunate sex or crazy porn”


Dramatic comedy. Romania, 2021. Original title: “Babardeala cu bucluc sau porno balamuc”. 106 ‘. SAM 18. From: Radu Jude. With: Katia Pascariu. Claudia Ieremia, Olimpia Mălai. Rooms: Cinépolis Recoleta, Cabildo Multiplex, Showcase Belgrano and Norte.

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