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Non-Cordovan actress in Granizo, Guillermo Francella’s film, daughter of the great Augusto Fernandes

role of actress Romina Fernandesin hail It got people talking, as the film, starring Guillermo Francella and directed by Marcos Carnevale, was recently released on Netflix. For the character of Carla, a doctor from Cordoba, Romina The pronunciation received a lot of criticism, However, he assured, this successful film on stage had many more accolades.

in hail, Carla, is the daughter of meteorologist Miguel Flores (Francela), with whom she maintains a distant relationship, not only because she lives in Córdoba, but also because of an emotional short-circuit. In real life, Romina is the daughter of the director and teacher of actor Augusto Fernandes. from whom he inherited the acting profession,

– How did you take comments that criticized your Cordovan accent?

-I feel like a snowball was laid with that subject and becoming more important than what is, The premise of the performance is to play other people and when it comes to putting a character together accent is another spice. Since I knew it could happen, I braced myself for months with a coach to play the tune. But there are people who go purist with something subjective and add fuel to the fire.

Romina Fernandes talks about preparing for two months with a coach to hone her Cordovan accent.

Romina Fernandes talks about preparing for two months with a coach to hone her Cordovan accent.

There were some quite aggressive critics.

-Some yes, kinda fanatics who wondered why they didn’t hire an actress from Cordoba. In the movie, In scenes filmed in Cordoba, all actors and actresses are from Cordoba.Also part of the production team.

There is a time for criticism and there is also a time for forgiveness.

The actress assured that one of the users who criticized her most on TikTok later called her to apologize. “I find it quite unfair. What are the sommeliers of the tune? In Córdoba, like any province, there are different socio-cultural universes and not all of them have the same pronunciation,” he says.

And just as there were opponents, so too did he receive much praise for his work. “I keep the good stuff,” he says.

The first was Guillermo Francella himself, who saw Romina in the play before the pandemic enemy of the peopleDuring one season at Mar del Plata, he was pleased with her performance and went to the dressing room to congratulate her.

A few months later, the actress attended an award ceremony with her father and several colleagues told her that Francella talked a lot about Romina. “Hopefully this isn’t just a comment and one day i will call you to work“Fernandes then told his daughter.

Romina Fernandes and Guillermo Francella as father and daughter in the successful and controversial "Granizzo".

Romina Fernandes and Guillermo Francella as father and daughter in the successful and controversial “Granizzo”.

The exact year of father’s death is called

Time passed, the famous director passed away in 2018 and just a year after his death, Romina got a call from Carnevale to call her for an audition. hailOn the suggestion of Francella. “It was so touching that he called me that day”Says the actress. Shortly after, she auditioned and was cast.

“It was a very strong bet for him, because I don’t know and Carla is a major character. I’ve been working for a long time, but I’m not popularSo I appreciate the generosity of giving Guillermo and Marcos such an opportunity”, he says.

On the other hand, the appearance in history of his father’s image did not stop. hail, “My character’s name is Carla and my father’s name was Carlos Augusto Fernandes, but since he didn’t like Carlos, he didn’t use it,” he says, realizing that out of nowhere, Her father accompanies her and guides her in her work,

He adds: “Just like in the film, I had to recreate a fairly distant bond with my father and luckily, in his final years, we were able to be very close.”

Romina Fernandes got a call to work on “Granizzo” just a year after her father’s death.

A success surrounded by criticism

Despite being one of the most watched Netflix productions worldwide, the film has become a huge hit. Why do you think this happens?

—Perhaps because it’s a phenomenal success for an Argentine production on Netflix. A hail He is doing very well in Bulgaria, in Israel, in Taiwan. And there the pronunciation doesn’t matter at all as it is dubbed. It’s a shame when so much viciousness is put into a project., In this sense, social networks contribute greatly to increasing this resentment. If you don’t like the movie, take it out and watch another movie.

Do you think that from now on another stage is starting in your career?

-I think so. I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that I gave it my all and am happy with my development. It’s like a gift my dad left me.

Would you have liked your work in the film?

-It’s too strong, because it’s a very important role and he didn’t see it. I used to have his opinion, his critical eye and his word, which detected things that others did not see. I learned a lot from him and he was also very demanding, but he would definitely be proud.

Now Fernandes is waiting for the film in Uruguay. olivesBased on the work of Juan Lerado extra virginDirected by Luciano Lerado, it will feature actors from Argentina and Uruguay with Juan Lerado, Ignacio Toselli and Andrea Frigerio.

Then, the actress would continue with the theater. great resignationa version of lazyAnother film, directed by Lysandro Fix for the Buenos Aires Theater Complex, 1982, also directed by Fix. and, moreover, with the visibility it gave hail going around the world.

Romina Fernandes and Guillermo Francella as daughter and father in Netflix’s “Granizzo”


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