Home Entertainment Noelia says that Ninel Conde wanted to attack her on stage!

Noelia says that Ninel Conde wanted to attack her on stage!

Noelia says that Ninel Conde wanted to attack her on stage!

The Puerto Rican singer Noelia He ignited the controversy about Ninel Conde by saying that the Mexican tried to assault her on stage.

Ninel Conde finds herself within the eye of the hurricane, after she finds herself in the midst of the authorized battle for the custody of her son.

As well as, her husband Larry Ramos fled on September 1 after ending his home arrest.

Now, Noelia has as soon as once more put Ninel Conde within the highlight by saying that he tried to assault her on stage.

Noelia recounted the occasions in an interview with journalist Michelle Rubalcava.

Noelia Says That Ninel Conde Wanted To Attack Her On Stage! - Light Home News

The Puerto Rican was forceful in opposition to Conde and her husband by describing them as clowns and that they didn’t need to be known as entrepreneurs.

“What a barbarism, those are not bad decisions, that is to use your free will badly, to do bad things, then the bad thing comes to you,” Noelia commented on the scenario of Ninel Conde.

Noelia recalled that a couple of years in the past Ninel Conde took benefit of the dangerous time she was experiencing by recording a track that she had already labored on.

‘What he did with my track, abuse that tough second of mine to report my track, to benefit from it. You are taking the work of one other, you noticed that as a toddler I labored that track for 2 years in all of the nations of Latin America and in Europe with the sweat of my forehead, not her, me. So anybody will get the track labored. ‘

Additionally, Noelia mentioned that in 2008, in ‘The Dream Present’, Conde threw tantrums in opposition to the Puerto Rican.

‘They pay me homage, the whole lot is mounted and he or she didn’t need to go to rehearsal. She was throwing tantrums and tantrums, making the whole lot tough as a result of she needed to pay homage to me, properly they power her and he or she kicked and did the whole lot. ‘

It was there that Noelia mentioned that Ninel Conde tried to assault her and throw her off the stage.

‘She wished to lie down reside on nationwide tv, thank God I’ve lots of instinct … She tried to elbow me and I pirouetted to the facet to keep away from the blow she wished to hit me … She will not be particular person and everyone knows.’

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