Noelia accepts that she suffers from vitiligo after being a victim of bullying and stress

Noelia has revealed that she suffers vitiligo for 15 years. The singer assures that she developed this disease after being a victim of bullying and very strong stress.

The 41-year-old actress also decided to reveal her condition to her Instagram followers. She called that time that she lived as “One of the most difficult tests of my existence.”

“15 years ago my heart fell into a thousand pieces … when I saw my dreams, my work, my efforts and my illusions succumb to the worst scoundrel that a woman can suffer,” Noelia writes on her Instagram account.

The Puerto Rican businesswoman recalls that from this difficult stage in her life her skin began to lose its hue.

“Months after so many tears, so much stress, so much suffering and so much bullying that I was subjected to, my body began to pay the price of stress and nerves. Over time I developed a disease: certain parts of my skin began to lose their color ”, declared Noelia.

She consulted different specialists as she was very scared when she received the news that she had vitiligo. His immune system was failing due to an extreme condition as a combination of so much stress and nerves that he was suffering from.

Noelia has learned to live with her vitiligo

He explained that as his condition increased, he had the opportunity to speak with a person with terminal cancer. That person helped him realize that He had to face life positively and get the most out of it every moment.

Now she understands that “those spots on my skin were scars from the tests and lessons that God gave me.”

Noelia is grateful with life and expresses that now she has become friends with the condition she suffers from. “Vitiligo and I are now friends. We have learned to live together. One more stain, one less stain. It does not make me less in the eyes of God and the universe, “he wrote next to the hashtag #livingconvitiligo.

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