Noel Sheikhris joins his musical talent with Paul Williams

Noel Sheikhris joins his musical talent with Paul Williams

MEXICO (EFE). – Noel Shazris confirms himself as a lunatic, has won his present as “an unbeatable dream” and celebrates the opportunity to collaborate with Oscar winner Paul Williams in 1977.

“I am very indifferent, I am a sign of cancer, I was born in 1974 and I am a wooden tiger (from the Chinese calendar). Everywhere I am, there is melancholy and excitement. I am a crazy, full moon … it Forget it, I am one of those things, ”he says.

Twenty years ago Schajris received its first award from Williams, awarded by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Editors (Ascap), for “Enter My Life”, a single that paired with Lionel Garcia for his duet with Sin Bandaria Career opened.

The Argentine singer and songwriter met Williams once again two years ago and, to his surprise, the composer responsible for songs like “We Only Only Begun” was interested in making a song with him.

“They sit next to me at an Aspac dinner, I couldn’t believe it, we started talking about life, art, everything and they asked me what I was doing recently. Looking at my cell phone, I put the last song he was putting out and he said: ‘Wow, can I put an English song?’ And I almost fell off my chair.

Noel immediately accepted. The epidemic planned to survive it, although Williams “did not forget the idea.”

The exchange’s virtually, infinite text message and ideas swag changed Schagris’ main idea into a new song.

“He started teaching me a total and complete poem, he is a genius, and I began to realize that what he was sending me was not a translation, but he sent a new song.”

The result is “Breath Again”, a piano song that never stops to move Schazris, who assures Williams has called him a “teacher”, since he can’t believe, “He’s crazy” .

“If I was going to make a song with Paul Williams, and he was going to show it to his friends, he had to do it very well, I had a coach who helped me pronounce very subtle things”.

Noel holds in his hands a vinyl, a cassette and a CD, each with 20 songs from the album “My Present”.

“I haven’t had a cassette in my hands for 25 years,” he confesses enthusiastically. “Breath Again” is part of a collection of songs that Noel had written in 20 years and had not seen Prakash. “Having an entire album of 20 songs in three different formats at the same time is an unbeatable dream.”

Composer projects

7 Noel Shazris will offer live shows from next Friday.

The places

The first will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado.

for future

He is about to release more work with American artists and produce “incredible things” for Sin Bandera.

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