Noel Gallagher from Oasis attacks Prince Harry and Meghan for being from the United States.

The 54-year-old singer, Noel gallagher, from the United Kingdom and who was part of the Oasis gang, recently attacked Prince Harry, calling him a term similar to “crystal generation”, as well as Meghan Markle, for being from the United States.

The statements were made during an interview with the British medium The Sun.

In the meeting, the musician said that Harry shows himself as a “f ** k ** asshole *** when he criticizes his family ”.

In addition, Noel said that he sympathizes more with William, for also having a younger brother (referring to Liam Gallagher, 48) “Shooting him in the mouth with shit that is unnecessary.”

Noel called Harry out, telling him to stop publicly insulting his family and to shut up.

The interview with The Sun came in the middle of the promotion of two new songs by Noel, who had to stop his presentations due to the pandemic.

Noel said that, while promoting his new songs, he is constantly asked about Prince Harry and, although he does not know him, he said what he thinks of him.

Prince Harry strikes me as a typical snow flake (term similar to crystal generation), ”Gallagher noted.

What’s more, he also attacked Meghan for her nationality, saying: “That’s what happens when you get involved with the Americans, as simple as that.”.

Here we leave you the complete interview of The Sun, in which Noel Gallagher attacked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the latter for being from the United States.

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