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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Nodal criticizes Gussy Lau, Ángela Aguilar’s ex-boyfriend: “He hasn’t composed anything” (VIDEO)

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Christian Nodal does not cease to be in controversy, because now he strongly attacked Gussy Lau, who was Ángela Aguilar’s boyfriend, assuring that he only wanted to hang on to his fame and that even the Grammy award he received did not deserve it, because he did not compose anything . Here the details.

Christian Nodal attacks Gussy Lau

After the leaked photos of Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau, now the composer is in the eye of the hurricane thanks to the controversial declarations of Christian Nodal, with whom he supposedly composed the song “They didn’t tell you wrong” but apparently this was not true , because Belinda’s ex-boyfriend assures that Lau had nothing to do with the realization of this theme or many others that he has taken as his own.

It was through a live on Instagram that Nodal took the opportunity to talk about the problems he had had with his old “Universal” label, assuring that they had stolen his dreams, his freedom. and the power of collaborating with other artists, however he assured that he is grateful to Sony for supporting him at all times as an artist and believing in his talent.

They stole my dreams, they stole my freedom, they stole my power to do duets with super talented people, as an artist that they do that to you is horrible.

Minutes later, Christian Nodal attacked Gussy Lau, Ángela Aguilar’s ex-boyfriend, assuring that the composer wanted to hang on to his fame and had only gone to the Grammys to “show off” because in reality he did not write anything about the song “They did not tell you wrong “.

“Gussy Lau is a great composer… I love him very much, but he knows that he never composed anything from They didn’t tell you wrong, or anything like that and he’s going to join us at the Grammys. I told Gussy: ‘bro, I gave you many songs that you haven’t composed a shit and I need you to give me part, I’m also putting my heart into that song’, it cost me a lot but it’s the reality “revealed.

Likewise, Nodal clarified the video where he comes out drinking alcohol from his Grammy trophies, assuring that the music industry has treated him badly and that he previously considered these awards as something empty.

“I don’t want other people to go wrong, but I do feel a bit helpless that there are artists who literally don’t sing, they are autotuned and they fart because they don’t get a Grammy”

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