''Noche de Fuego'' and ''La Civil'' put Mexico high in Cannes

Cannes (EFE).— Two Mexican films competed in the segment A Sure Look at the Cannes Film Festival, the second in importance of the competition, and two, “Noche de Fuego” and “La Civil”, rewarded their participation.

The two feature films also had the collateral damage of violence in Mexico as a common backdrop, the first from the eyes of three girls and the second centered on a mother’s desperate struggle to recover her daughter who had been kidnapped by a cartel.

“fire night”, Tatiana Huejo’s first fiction film, received mention the spiceEl is composed of Argentine filmmaker, producer and screenwriter Daniel Berman, among others, from a jury headed by British director and screenwriter Andrea Arnold.

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The protagonists of that film, set in the mountains of Guerrero, learn to survive and become invisible in a small town marked by the collateral effects of the war on drug trafficking, but this constant vigil doesn’t remove their innocence and concerns. is.

“I am very happy, excited, satisfied, absolutely proud of this film. I did not expect to come to Cannes with my first novel, nor to enter a room of over a thousand people with this film to share it with such an amazing audience,” Tatiana Huejo received the award. After that told the press.

The filmmaker dedicated it to Latin American women who are educating their daughters and “teaching them that they can be independent.”

Courage Award for “La Civil”

The directors were equally excited.”Citizen”, Romanian Teodora Ana Mihai, whose debut film was rewarded gallantry award, It was co-produced by Mexican Michel Franco, Belgium’s Jean-Pierre and Luc Darden, and Romanian Cristian Mungieu, all of whom were also directors.

“It is a beautiful award that I dedicate to families who are looking for their loved ones. I feel like this is an issue that needs a platform”, he said.

“La Civil” starring Arcelia Ramirez and lvaro Guerrero shows just how far a mother can go to find her little girl. From that finding, he summarizes his criticism of the corruption of the system and the abandonment of those who have lost a loved one.

“How nice that we are here together to present this strong reality,” he said of the fact that two feature films dealing with “the same subject from two different perspectives” coveted at Cannes The 74th edition of which has started. 6th and was closing today.

a certain look It usually replaces more innovative and daring films by lesser known or new filmmakers.

Regarding this segment, Thierry Framaux, general representative of the competition, said: “It is a great pleasure to have new names on the map of international cinema.”

more praise

Originality Award Gone “lamb“, Icelandic Valdimar Johansson’s debut feature starring Noomi Rapace, and Frenchman Hafsia Herzy received the Ensemble Award for “Bone Mere”.

The jury’s notation went to Austrian Sebastian Mies for “Great Freedom”, while the grand prize went to Russian Kira Kovalenko for “Unclogging the Fists”.

to tears

American actress Sharon Stone honored as Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters of France, A medal he received was shaken and with some tears. It was the head of the Cannes Festival, Thierry Framaux, who pinned the prize on Sharon Stone in the presence of Bill Murray.

They reward their pets

Tilda Swinton’s three spaniels received Doug Palms in Cannes for their participation in the movie “The Souvenir II”.