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Noah Schnapp and Doja Are ‘All Good’ After Cat Feud, But Social Media Fallout Continues

Looks like Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat have made peace.

strange things The actor took a serious social media faux pas earlier this month, sharing private messages from the Grammy-winning “Kiss Me More” singer, drawing attention to his crush on his co-star, Joseph Quinn, and sharing his “thirst”. Mentioned. caption. Doja Cat responded swiftly, slamming the 17-year-old in an Instagram Live, saying she “doesn’t feel comfortable” with her decision to make their conversation public.

The entire exchange is worth according to Doja Cat’s 200,000 followers on Instagram get analytics data by the Los Angeles Times, while Schnapp garnered nearly one million followers on Instagram and three million on TikTok. Doja Cat’s TikTok following remained largely the same.

All is well that ends well, as Schnapp took to TikTok on Wednesday to reassure fans that things are “all good” after apologizing for their transgression between him and Doja Cat.

In a video set for Doja Cat’s hit, “Kiss Me More,” Schnapp commented: “It’s all right guys, I apologized and I still follow and love his music. No hard feelings.”

Meanwhile, Quinn, the heartthrob at the center of the controversy, is enjoying a major moment of her own. Britt, 29, had tears in her eyes this week after receiving an emotional tribute from a fan at the London Film & Comic Con.

Even rock legends Metallica have proven themselves to be Quinn fans strange things The character, Eddie Munson, sharing a duet video with his epic “Master of Puppets” performance in the show’s season finale.

Quinn previously spoke about the positive audience response to her character, which was introduced during Season 4 of the Netflix series.

“It’s an absolutely overwhelming feeling,” he told ET earlier this month. “… it’s lovely, like, the fans’ devotion to this show and how they’ve found a place in their hearts for a new character… it’s just so heartwarming.”

“fact [that] We’ve put it out there and it’s been very well received and obviously, personally, like, for the character I play, for people to be so welcoming, it feels like a big breather,” They said.

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