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no way home, the film that breaks records

no way home, the film that breaks records

horror movie franchise Final destination will have a new installment with the participation as producer of Jon Watts, the director of the highly successful Spider-Man: No Way Home, which every day reaches more box office records around the world.

Watts will be behind the new venture of New Line, the study that relaunches the saga of supernatural horror films that had a great boom in the early 2000s with five installments.

An indication of the success of these films is that more than ten years after the premiere of the fifth (in 2011), remains in the top ten of the highest grossing franchises of that genre, with a total collection of 665 million dollars.

Aj Cook And Ali Larter Starred In Final Destination 2, Released In 2003.

AJ Cook and Ali Larter starred in Final Destination 2, released in 2003.

no director in sight

The project, preliminarily titled Final Destination 6, had the structural contribution of Watts, who wrote the first pilot of what will be an original launch of HBO Max, the specialized press of the United States reported today. Still it is unknown who will be the director.

As for the script, based on the guidelines of Watts, it was reported that it will be in charge of Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick, who co-wrote bloody wedding in 2019 and the new Scream movie due out next Thursday.

The franchise tells the same story in each installment: a protagonist who has a premonition of a tragedy that is going to happen to him and is saved, along with others who have also died; but destiny, in this case death, is present to claim the death of the survivors with very creative and gruesome supernatural murders.

The Successful Jon Watts Will Be The Producer Of The New Installment Of Final Destination.  Photo Jordan Strauss/Invision/Ap

The successful Jon Watts will be the producer of the new installment of final destination. Photo Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The return of original producers

In October 2020, the creator of Final destination, Jeffrey Reddick, confessed that a sixth installment of the saga was in development before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since then, there have not been many more relevant developments in this regard.

But today it was confirmed that Jon Watts will be one of the producers along with Dianne McGunigle, producer of the series. Atlanta. They are joined by Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor, who were already in that role in the previous five films in the saga.

“Dianne and I have been huge fans of Final destination from the beginning,” Watts said in a statement. “So being able to participate in the making of a new story with the original team and with New Line behind it is going to be fun and exciting at the same time.” was chosen by Marvel to direct the reboot of The Fantastic Four.

Watts, the box office man

Jon Watts Directed the Last Three Spider-Man Movies immersed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Together, the three Spider-Man globally accumulate the exorbitant figure of $3.5 billion dollars.

the brand new no way home It is already the eighth highest grossing film of all time worldwide. And in America, the sequel to spider-man grossed $668.3 million, making it the sixth most successful domestic box office hit.

&Quot;Spider-Man: No Way Home&Quot; Continues To Break Records And Is Already The Eighth Highest Grossing Film Of All Time.  Photo Efe/ Matt Kennedy / Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” continues to break records and is already the eighth highest grossing film of all time. Photo EFE/ Matt Kennedy / Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

In addition, the film starring Tom Holland ranked as the second domestic premiere in the history of that country with the best performance at the box office. Just over a week after its theatrical debut, it comfortably surpassed $1 billion worldwide, and topped the domestic Saturday and Sunday box office for the past four consecutive weekends.


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