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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Niurka’s son breaks the silence about his mother’s romance with Juan Vidal; “Always happy”

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  • Niurka’s son reacts to his mother’s affair with Juan Vidal.
  • Emilio Osorio reveals how his mother is after his relationship with the actor.
  • The professional career of Niurka’s son is growing and full of success.

Son Niurka reacts romance. Niurka has earned everyone’s attention after her participation in La Casa de los Famosos, because as “the scandal woman” that she is, she managed to put Telemundo’s reality show in a dubious position, where her passionate romance with ex of Cynthia Klitbo, now one of her children reacts to this relationship.

From the moment she revealed for a show program that she had been intimate with Vidal, the Cuban vedette made it very clear that she would be looking forward to it when she had to leave La Casa de los Famosos, something that we were able to witness days past through social networks, which is why one of Niurka’s children was questioned by the media about his mother’s romance with the actor.

The romance between Niurka and Juan Vidal is one of the most controversial

Son Niurka reacts romance

The romance between Niurka and Juan Vidal has positioned itself at the center of the controversy since it began. Well, both celebrities let Cynthia Klitbo go with everything after the actress accused him of having psychologically abused her and of having borrowed money from her.

Causing the controversy to further fuel said romance between the former participants of La Casa de los Famosos, to this great scandal is added the reaction of one of the children of the Cuban vedette after being questioned about the relationship that Niurka Marcos maintains with Juan Vidal .

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