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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Niurka says that Gustavo Adolfo Infante is his “enemy” for friendship with Cynthia Klitbo

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The controversy between Niurka and Cynthia Klitbowhich has as its center John Vidal, It continues to climb, because after the Cuban and the actor met again and confirmed their romance through a video, now Juan Osorio’s ex called Gustavo Adolfo Infante his “enemy” for the friendship he has with Klitbo.

during the program First handthe presenter explained that he spoke to the star, but “I already knew that he was not going to want to take the call. I spoke to him and said: ‘Cubana, take me a link with everything and your man‘. Do you want to see what he answered me? He just sent it to me.”

Niurka and Juan Vidal did not end courtship! They meet again and send a message to those who criticize them

“I’m not going to be able to give you that little taste, my heart, not my love,” was the first thing Niurka said to Gustavo.

“Now with that you are a compadre of Klitbo we are on different sides, you have to be my enemy, so do your best performance,” added the Cuban.

Likewise, the famous said that Juan Vidal does not like the journalist: “My man don’t like you, he don’t like you, my man knows very well your position and I have to defend him. With sorrow, I cannot consent to you”.

Given this, Gustavo Adolfo said: “In Niurka’s next relationship we will see each other, nothing happens.”

and commented that Niurka “is very intelligent, she knows that this is temporary, that it will continue in the middle. Juan Vidal I don’t remember, I can’t remember a single one of his jobs. I do remember that he went to Peru, that he got him a job and that he offended Klitbo, that he stole wool from him.”

“That’s where his career lies. But Niurka is a woman who has a prolific career, so we will meet again now that you leave it, “concluded Infante.


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