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Niurka reveals the agreements with Telemundo after participating in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Niurka is one of the most controversial women in the entertainment world. Self-styled as ‘The Scandal Woman’, his personality is ideal to be part of reality showsa characteristic that the executives of the American network Telemundo did not miss.

For the above was invited to participate in the second season of ‘The House of the Famous’, nevertheless, after his departure he has made a series of statements in which he assures the program is a fraud since they manipulate and edit all the content, they even assured that at times it is not live. For this reason, Telemundo reached an agreement with Niurka to avoid further statements against the television station; we detail them below.

Niurka had a rough start

According to Niurka, after its removal from ‘The House of the Famous’ and first meeting with the hosts of the program, she was completely unaware of the management that her image had had inside the program, so his attitude was natural; However, when her manager came off the air, she approached her and revealed everything that had happened in recent weeks.

Immediately met with executives of the television station, who were concerned about the manager’s reaction to Niurka’s departure, to which she replied that the elimination was not the cause of anger, however, she decided not to delve into the subject and continue with the protocol.

Once removed, the participants are taken to a hotel still without communication with the outside to spend the nightthe goal is that the next day they present themselves again in the forum to recount their experience in detail, after which they will finally be able to resume their lives normally.

Niurka indicated that outside her hotel room there were two bodyguards to prevent her from trying to leave the placea situation that seemed absurd to him.

Niurka explodes after a call with her daughter Romina

It was this moment that after the uncertainty regarding the bad image that the channel created against him from the manipulation of the content, asked the production to speak with his manager and his daughtera request that was denied.

After a brief discussion and threats to leave the hotel, the vedette managed to access a cell phone. He contacted his daughter Romina who between tears of courage he confessed everything that had happened and how the public had received his behavior within the reality show, so the actress and dancer exploded.

She took her things and tried to leave, but the production kept her in the lobby. from the hotel to talk, at first they tried to talk to her alone but she refused, so the talk was held in public.

They offered programs to Niurka and her daughter in exchange for their silence

They tried to condition their statement exclusively to Telemundo’s television spacesthey even offered her and her daughter Romina projects within the television station in exchange for her silence and squaring the format.

They buy you They repeated it to me many times: Here are many future projects for you and your daughter even pays“, he claimed.

After a week of negotiations, the condition that Niurka imposed to step on the forum again was to be the only guest, she refused to share space with other former participants, since they are not up to her level in terms of scandals and vulgarity.

Lastly, he revealed that An economic agreement was reached with Telemundo not to talk about his participation in the reality show againbeing the last interview granted to Mara Patricia Castañeda.


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