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Niurka reacted to the leak of the audio where he called his children ‘parasites’: “He did not achieve his goal”

Romina participated in a reality show for couples. (Instagram photo: @niurka.oficial)

Since Niurka Marcos participated in the second season of The House of the Famous has been involved in controversy for his strong statements within the reality show, his encounters with Ivonne Montero and Laura Bozzo, as well as her recent romance with Juan Vidal. when it seemed that she was only focused on enjoying her new relationship, the showgirl unleashed mixed opinions by calling parasites to his children.

It was a few days ago when the program gossip not like made it known some audios where supposedly the Cuban complained about Romina and Emilio: “I stopped consenting and I could say, selfishly, to buy because one doesn’t realize it, but as long as everyone is happy it’s ‘take and go shopping’”.

The actor and singer gave life to Alejandro Fernández in "The Last King: The Son of the People."  (Photo: Instagram/@elultimoreymx)
The actor and singer gave life to Alejandro Fernández in “The Last King: The Son of the People.” (Photo: Instagram/@elultimoreymx)

The woman in the audio lamented that she had problems with her children because they did not want to cooperate with household expenses: “That’s when the rebellion came, when I started to tell the three: ‘Now we have to contribute to the house, they are already working’. Emilio, who is the youngest, is the one who earns the most of the three… ‘what are you going to pay for the house’… ‘Well I do super and pay for gas’. ‘Romina, you pay the (inaudible) and Kiko, what are you going to pay,’ he never told me, “he continued.

This is what happened this year. The metamorphosis of freeing myself from all this burden that I literally had to maintain, even if it hurts parasitic eggs.

Mother and daughter have a close relationship (Photo: Instagram)
Mother and daughter have a close relationship (Photo: Instagram)

After the scandal that broke out, Niurka Marcos held a meeting with the media recovered by come the joy where he hinted that the audios are true and defended himself by assuring that if at a certain moment he spoke like this with his children, it was because he considered it necessary.

“There are very bad and ill-intentioned people. If at some point I have had to say, for example, to my children: ‘It is time to team up, to contribute to the home, for all of us to get our act together’, I have told them when they had to be said, I have told them correctly”, he said.

He also commented that the audios were possibly leaked by a member of his family who, with alleged bad intentions, would have disclosed that part of his private life.

I imagine that the person who leaked that audio is definitely family and what a pity, what a pity because he did not achieve his goal.

Niurka Marcos defended herself against criticism from Cynthia Klitbo

(Photos: Instagram)
(Photos: Instagram)

The Cuban lashed out at her boyfriend’s ex-partner because during an Instagram live she commented that she defended herself like a lioness.

I don’t need a liveCynthia, I don’t need you to rub these banalities about you being a leading actress… you are a leading actress, I have also won my entire career with my histrionics. Nothing happens with what you are or what I am, I am not offended by such nonsense. The difference is that you get into social networks and make a live open, I can spend four hours here with the press and they continue with me because I have the note”, he commented.

It should be remembered that the Mexican actress was involved in the scandal because she publicly claimed Juan Vidal for a monetary loan that he owed her. Because the interpreter started an affair with Niurka, she began to comment on it and on more than one occasion defended her boyfriend.

“I am a person who is not afraid of arrogance, I am not afraid of arrogance, I am not afraid of manipulative people,” his message concluded.


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