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Niurka ranted against Maryfer Centeno, the graphologist who analyzed her relationship with Juan Vidal

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Niurka attacked a graphologist (Photos: Instagram)

Despite the short time that has passed since Niurka began an affair with Juan Vidalthe controversy around the couple stops, because in addition to the warnings that Cynthia Klitbo made about the Dominican, now the Cuban left that topic a little aside to attack Maryfer Centeno, a graphologist who analyzed her new courtship.

It all started when Maryfer shared from her account tiktok a clip where he highlighted the similarities and differences between the relationship that Niurka had with Bobby Larios and the one he currently has with Juan Vidal.

There, the analyst remarked that, according to what was observed in some images that she presented, The current partner of the vedette did not look very comfortable.

“Look how Niurka is always in a predominant position, she is in front and the men are behind (…) Juan Vidal looks stiff, while Bobby Larios is close to her and is touching the bodies. Juan Vidal seems to have certain episodes of anger, especially here, where he says he loves her very much”he began to say.

Likewise, the influencer assured that Niurka usually adopts a “maternal” role with her partners and therefore wants to solve their lives.

“Note these photos where she is the one who approaches him, he remains rigid and stiff,” he said.

Niurka responds to Maryfer

It was during the show First hand where Gustavo Adolfo Infante shared an audio sent by Niurka, in which the dedicated some harsh words to Centeno.

“Hey Gustav, tell your handwriting friend Maryfer why she doesn’t come to analyze the cogs for us… so rich that we can Juan and I”, was heard to say.

Likewise, The Scandal Woman He asked that they play the audio in the evening of shows and extended a sarcastic invitation to the young woman.

“And also tell Maryfer that if she wants we can invite her so that she can enjoy how we bathe together, how we eat together Tell him to come, to spend 24 hours with us. Tell him to go and chin… to his pu…, and I also invite you to play this audio to Maryfer. Did you hear mommy!” exclaimed the Cuban.

Maryfer attacked the Cuban

As if the drama were not enough, Maryfer Centeno went to First hand and, during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante mentioned that he would not enter into controversy.

The couple recently met again (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)
The couple recently met again (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

“There is a very nice phrase that says: ‘Tell me what you presume and I will tell you what you lack’. I am not going to answer Niurka, I am going to go back to the facts: when a person lacks sex, they are more irritable.

If this saying of Niurka was really true, he would not have to be irritable, he would not care what this humble person is telling him

Likewise, the graphologist deepened that if Niurka was really very happy in her romance with Juan Vidal, she should not be wasting herself in discussionsbut perhaps it would be better to take advantage of the time with your partner.

“Given this overflowing passion, the lady should not be sending audios, what she should be doing is delicious, so it seems to me that there are contradictions. If she really is that satisfied, she wouldn’t have to be so cranky. Two, when you lack sex you are more into gossip,” she said.


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