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Niurka Marcos reveals who the real father of her son is: “What a pity for Juan Osorio”

Niurka Marcos is one of the most controversial personalities in the world of entertainment, her irreverence, sincerity and objectivity have led her to be considered as ‘the scandal woman’a nickname that she herself uses with pride.

The actress, singer and dancer is constantly at the center of controversy as a result of her statements regarding various entertainment topicsHowever, this does not save her or her family from being the protagonists of the rumors.

Users assure that Emilio Osorio’s father is Bobby Larios

In recent days, a series of publications have circulated through social networks in which Users affirm that Emilio Osorio is not the son of producer Juan Osoriobut from actor Bobby Larios; let us remember that Niurka had a relationship with both in presumably coincident periods of time.

They highlight the zero resemblance between Juan Osorio and Emilio, while they compare him to bobbyfinding a series of physical similarities that is curious.

Niurka ends the speculations

After this, Niurka clarified the identity of Emilio’s real father. The vedette attended the television program as a guest ‘Sit who can!, conducted by Julian Gil. In this she was questioned on multiple issues, although the doubt regarding paternity of his son could not be overlooked.

One of the presenters put the issue on the table from the angle of his son, hinting at the possibility of the young man doubting his origin. after that Marcos thanked the space and she was forceful in clarifying that Emilio had already been born when she and Bobby met, so it would be impossible for him to be her father.

When I met Bobby, Emilio was already born“, answered.

In addition, in his own way he said that the gossip arose from the morbidity of the people and joked that the only thing there can be no doubt about is that she is his mother.

Niurka and Bobby they first met during the recordings of the telenovela ‘Veil’produced by Juan Osorio and released in 2003; for your part Emilio was born on November 25, 2002.


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