Home Entertainment Niurka Marcos defends Juan Osorio’s courtship with a year younger

Niurka Marcos defends Juan Osorio’s courtship with a year younger

Niurka Marcos defends Juan Osorio's courtship with a year younger

Cuba asked to be left alone. Niurka is deeply in love with him, despite the fact that they parted ways many years ago.

Mexico City.- niurka marco Several journalists contacted him at the Mexico City airport. Irresistible and commented on everything, Cuba took advantage of the cameras review Criticism of Juan Osorio relation with a young woman 26 year old actress.

The actress also took advantage of media attention to demand respect for the couple, but especially for Juan, as she assured him that he is a good person and deserves to be happy like everyone else.

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He sought respect for his former partner

niurka was questioned about the controversial The engagement that the producer and the father of his son Emilio, live with the actress Eva Daniela, who is several years younger than Osorio. The ballerina also effectively remarked that it bothers her that people criticize two people who love each other for the simple fact of having an age difference.

Accustomed to expressing his opinion with flowery language, Cuban insists that his former partner be left alone because he is not the first or last to have an affair with a woman several years younger.

Let him go in peace Nor was this the first time that a 60-year-old caber$% fucks a 28- or 29-year-old girl,” the star said with his characteristic accent and gestures, which made reporters laugh.

Niurka is one of those Cubans who have spoken and Asked for help from the population of Cuba. Although she left the island several years ago, she wishes people could be free and lead a more dignified life.

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