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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Niurka launches strong criticism against Alicia Machado; she tells him “hypocrite and convincing”

One more timeNiurka Marcos is the center of controversy. Now, the vedette of Colombian origin spoke about the former Venezuelan Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who she thought is “poisonous”, “hypocritical” and “convincing”.

It was during the program ‘Sit down who can’ of the Latin television network in the US UniMore that Niurka talked about the actress, who was the first part of the famous reality show ‘The house of the famous’.

It all happened after the driver Julián Gil challenged Niurka to play ‘The ship sinks’, a dynamic in which they show several celebrities and must choose who to ‘save’ assuming that it was a ship from which they cannot leave all, only four.

However, nothing was saved, and they put figures of whom he does not have a good opinion. The first of them was Alicia Machado, against whom he attacked strongly and without any tact.

“Let her drown!” he said euphorically. “By poisonous, too cold of his soul. She treated the fandom, the race, badly, you cannot treat the audience badly and apart from being hypocritical and convincing“.

As for his partner in reality Salvador Zerboni said ‘save him’; however, he said that this is so that “continue to suffer” and believes that he is “fought with humanity, may he suffer more alive than dead”.

About Ninel Conde, he also decided to save her; but for a reason similar to the one he spoke about Zerboni: “leave her alone, she drowns“He said causing laughter from people in the television forum. He also decided to ‘save’ Giovanni Medina, Ninel’s ex-partner.

In the dynamics, he only had one left to ‘save’, where Laura Zapata, Alfredo Adame, Cynthia Klitbo and Daniella Navarro remained, on the latter two he said they were a couple of “gargoyles“: “Cynthia for burning and this one for believing, believing that it’s mehe said. Finally, he decided to ‘save’ adame and ‘discard’ to Shoeabout whom he also strongly opined.

In all the dynamics, the only person he did not refer to in a derogatory manner was the controversial Alfredo Adame, about whom he said: “he is my corduroy (friend), he shares my crazy things, he understands them”.


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