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Niurka lashes out at Maryfer Centeno for body analysis; graphologist answers

After Maryfer Rye analyzed the body language of Niurka and her new partner, Juan Vidal, the star lashed out at the graphologist through an audio that he sent to Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

It stands out that this message from the Cuban it reached the journalist at 1:41 in the morning: “Hey Gustav, tell your handwriting friend Maryfer why she doesn’t come to analyze our cogs… so delicious that Juan and I can”, Said the famous at the beginning of the message.

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“And also tell Maryfer that if she wants we can invite her so that she can enjoy how we bathe together, how we eat together. Tell her to come, for her to spend 24 hours with us,” she added.

Finally, the Cuban was released against Centeno: “Tell him to go and chin… to his pu…, and I also invite you to play this audio to Maryfer. Hey mommy!”.

Given this, Maryfer did not remain silent, on the contrary, she responded during Infante’s YouTube program: “There is a very nice phrase that says: ‘Tell me what you presume and I will tell you what you lack.’ I am not going to answer Niurka, I am going to go back to the facts: when a person lacks sex they are more irritable”.

If this saying by Niurka was really true, I wouldn’t have to be irritable, he wouldn’t care what this humble person is telling him,” he said.

Likewise, Centeno stressed that at 1:41 in the morning, “given this overflowing passion, the lady should not be sending audios, what she should be doing is delicious, so it seems to me that there are contradictions.”

“If she really is that satisfied, she wouldn’t have to be so cranky. Two, when you lack sex you like gossip more. And three, given the time, it seems to me that I should be doing the delicious thing and not sending audios, ”she concluded.


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