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Niurka is exposed by speaking ill of her children; they filter controversial audio: “they are parasites”

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Niurka Marcos, famous showgirl, once again it has given something to talk about. Although this time not because of her controversy with Cynthia Klitbo nor with The House of the Famous. On this occasion, Juan Osorio’s ex-partner was exposed speaking ill of their children. filtered some audios against him, where he assures that his children are “parasites”.

It was through the program gossip not like, where an audio was leaked in which Niurka refers disparagingly to her three children: Kiko, Romina and Emilio Osorio.

In the audios, Niurka is heard saying that her children were “eggs”, “parasites” and “kept”. Therefore, she explained that she began to ask them for money for the house. The one she first spoke of was her eldest son, Kiko.:

“I stopped consenting and I could selfishly say buy, because you don’t realize it, but as long as everyone is happy, it’s ‘take and go shopping’. I made the right decisions to name my son, Kiko, the older, when he finished university, that he did not take any of the careers that they were offering him at the Ibero, which guarantees you a job, so I helped him for two years,” Niurka is heard saying at first.


In this sense, he mentioned that on several occasions he helped him with business, but still he did not take advantage of the opportunity and went to Europe:

“I put two pharmacies, two, one for I don’t know where he found a place in a square, a whole year passed, and he didn’t like it because he said it didn’t work out, I told him to wait that the businesses have to have their target My brother Tomás got him a place here in the town, in the very town where the race was, where a lot of people pass by, he was paid for a place there and it is a luxury because it is a crowd, well, he closed the pharmacy and He went to Europe and all that money went down the drain,” the celebrity is heard saying.

Likewise, Niurka mentioned that her children’s rebellion began when she began to ask them for money for household expenses:

“One day we were talking, this year I had a job just to earn for my needs and it didn’t give me more, but certainly that’s where the rebelliousness came in, when I started telling the three of them ‘we have to contribute to the house, they’re ready working.’ Emilio, who is the youngest, who is the one who earns the most of the three, ‘what are you going to pay?’ and he tells me ‘well, I do super and pay for gas “https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/famosos/.” Romina, you pay the Izzi and Kiko, what are you going to pay for?’ … ”, he reminded.


Finally, in the audios, Niurka is heard referring to her children as “eggs” and “parasites”:

“And that’s what happened this year. The metamorphosis and that burden that I had to keep, literally, even if it hurts, assholes, parasites, “she concluded.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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