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Niurka confesses that Juan Vidal is an alcoholic

  • Niurka confesses what no a person would have imagined about Juan Vidal
  • The Cuban dancer and actress assures that her ex is an alcoholic and by the way “smears” the actress Cynthia Klitbo
  • “You will need extra assist than they do,” end users say

Hold offering one thing to chat about. Just after her very well-recognised separation from the Dominican actor Juan Vidal, with whom she coincided in the 2nd year of the actuality demonstrate La Casa de los Famosos, broadcast by Telemundo, the Cuban dancer and actress Niurka Marcos confesses that her ex has alcoholism difficulties, just like actress Cynthia Klitbo.

By her social networks, which for quite a few has been the finest Adventurer in heritage, she did not “defeat all-around the bush” and informed several anecdotes that she lived with whoever her companion was, with whom she even had designs to marry. These statements were being taken up by various media retailers, including Imagen Entretenimiento.

“That lady went crazy,” they inform Niurka

"That woman went crazy," they tell Niurka

“There had been matters about his persona that I tried using to compose simply because I assumed they could be mounted, these as his alcoholism. He would get there at the airport (referring to Juan Vidal) and he would inquire for a double whiskey and right after breakfast he would check with for an additional double whiskey and we would arrive at the lounge and he would inquire for another double whiskey and then he would ask for yet another double whiskey to set on the airplane for the reason that there is no black label on the aircraft ”.

But this was not the only issue that Niurka would have to say about her ex, Juan Vidal: “I would inform him: ‘Juan, stop it, gentleman, that’s ped…’ and he explained to me: ‘No, I can, I am made use of to it, usually that I travel I do it’. He and Cynthia (referring to the actress Cynthia Klitbo) have a serious challenge with alcoholism, I visualize the parties that the two of them experienced,” reported the Cuban.

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