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Niurka attacks Nodal for having a tattooed face: "it’s naqueria, it looks like newsprint"

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They don’t call Niurka the scandalous woman for nothing, and it is that the Vedette always makes strong statements, this time to Christian Nodal after saying that a tattooed face “is naquería and looks like a newspaper”.

Netflix announces the arrival of reality with Lorena Herrera, Laura Zapata, Lucía Méndez and Sylvia Pasquel. For example who she is a couple’s ring after breakup. Viral Belinda reacts live to Jordi ENP’s porn video “no m*m*s, it’s real” If you don’t have the bill, return the ring because it’s not yours. It belongs to whoever pays the bill and whose name is on the bill (…) A car, a house, a piece of clothing, whatever, a toothbrush, must be in the name of someone whose name it is owner . When they give you a ring, you show it off and they don’t give you the bill, they don’t give you anything Niurka Marcos on Belinda and Christian Nodal’s ring The actress also defended that both Belinda and Nodal go to Spain the United States to further expand his career as an artist after he was asked if they both despised Mexico.

Niurka flaunts her boobs on a live show and goes viral What did Niurka say about Christian Nodal for having a tattooed face? In a media question, one of the journalists asserted that Nodal was mistaken for a gang member because he had tattoos on his face. Faced with this question, the content of which has not been confirmed, Niurka said what she thought: “What a shame. I told him that he’s a star, that he shouldn’t tattoo his face so much because his face is his facade.” They are naquerías… different from mine. Look at my naquerías, they keep me pretty, they keep me precious (…) his is very crappy because like, his face looks like a newspaper! ‘ exclaimed Niurka. Here we leave you the video in which Niurka criticized Nodal for having a tattoo on his face, saying that this is “naquería, it looks like a newspaper”.

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