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Niurka and Juan Vidal did not end courtship! They meet again and send a message to those who criticize them

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Niurka and Juan Vidal began a romance when they participated in The House of Celebrities 2 Y although everything seemed that the love between the two had ended after the Cuban assured that their courtship was over, now the star and the actor met again and confirmed that they are still together.

Through some videos that Niurka shared on Instagram, he showed the moment in which Juan Vidal visited her at her home in Mérida. It was there that they did not hesitate to demonstrate the great love they have.

Niurka did not miss the opportunity to surprise her boyfriend, who a few days ago was expelled from the reality show, with a mariachi. But that was not all, since the couple made it known why they had decided to keep secretly that they were still together and make everyone believe that their love had come to an end.

“Let people know that we have never been distant from forgiveness, from forgiveness we were always super close, supporting each other, talking on the phone. Sadly for that negative person you thought or made fun of, we have time to wait and don’t care when people are negative. We had all the patience in the world to be super tight.”

On the other hand, Niurka explained that they had not talked about theiru relationship with the media for the statements made by Cynthia Klitbo against Juan Vidal, whom he accuses of being a violent person, in addition to claiming he owes him money.

We had to keep a little hermetic because of everything that Juan was experiencing, because of all those reactions that suddenly provoke tricks, annoyance. We had to be a little careful. Juan is a person who has always maintained his impeccable image (…), Juan was incommunicado, he was terrified because when a person does not know how to face a scandal for the first time, it is strong for a person who is used to keeping a low profile, with respect towards the audience, with respect towards his image, his family, his daughter. I was suffering what Cynthia did and I had to join all of them, team up with them, and obviously with Juan, and shut up and wait for our moment since he could be here with me and give them this surprise.


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