Home Entertainment Nirvana wins lawsuit against a “baby”

Nirvana wins lawsuit against a “baby”

Nirvana wins lawsuit against a

Spencer Elden could bring charges again

MEXICO CITY.— The lawsuit against the group Nirvana led by Spencer Elden, the man who appeared naked as a baby on the cover of the band’s legendary 1991 album “Nevermind”, has been dismissed.

A California judge yesterday dismissed Elden’s charges of alleged child pornography after failing to respond to a dismissal from Nirvana and other defendants before the Dec. 30 deadline, according to court documents received by People.

Elden now has until January 13 to file a second complaint; If you do not do this in a timely manner, your complaint will be dismissed without prejudice, and you may be able to file a complaint again in the future.

“In accordance with the court order, we will be filing a second amended complaint very soon,” said Elden’s attorney.

“We are confident that Spencer will be able to pursue his case.”

Elden, now 30, first filed a lawsuit in August against Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving members of the gang, the estate of Kurt Cobain and Kirk Weddle, the photographer in the picture, on allegations of child sexual exploitation.

He claimed his legal guardians never consented to his picture being used on the album cover and sought $ 150,000 in damages in addition to legal fees. Elden also accused the rockers of failing to protect him from sexual exploitation, claiming that his naked body on the cover of a famous album when he was a baby “caused him lifelong harm”.

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