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Ninel Conde rules out sharing explicit content on OnlyFans: “They want the whole cake”

There are more and more characters from the artistic world who decide to venture into the OnlyFans platform and share exclusive content to their followers, obviously charging a monthly subscription and thus generating extra earnings. ORne of the artists who drew the most attention for enrolling in this practice was Ninel Conde.

A couple of months have passed since the Mexican artist and singer announced that she would be sharing content on the platform and invited all her followers to subscribe. Now, the soap opera actress shared that she is very happy with the community she has formed.

“I don’t know what to say, it has gone very well and I am very happy, the fans are super cutehe said during a press conference.

Ninel assures that her arrival at OnlyFans was only to pamper all her followers because her passion continues to be acting and music, so she does not plan to say goodbye to them to become a content creator.

“It is a very nice community but they are very different things. The medium of entertainment and music is my passion and this is pampering the fans and we live from both things“, he mentioned.

Once again, the Mexican singer and actress assured that in OnlyFans she will share exclusive images but discards the idea of ​​uploading explicit content:

They are given exclusive content, which is what they ask for, obviously not everything because they want the whole cake and no, my guys“, he added.

The Ninel Conde subscription currently costs 20 dollars, which in Mexican pesos would be approximately 400 pesos and it must be renewed month after month, which means a good sum of extra money that ‘The killer chocolate’ receives.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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