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Nicole Kidman asks Mexican students to “go and change the world”

Renowned Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman visited Mexico City for the first time to be part of Mexico XXI Century, organized by Telmex Telcel Foundation.

During his speech, which began around 4:50 p.m., the actress and producer was grateful for the invitation because despite the fact that he has been in various parts of the world, he had never come to our country; He talked about important issues for her, including her family, what he has learned from each of her parents, her dreams, her personal growth and how she has been an example to many women.

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“Over the years I learned many things that my parents gave me, which I now teach my daughters; of my dad and my mother I learned empathy, love. I remember when my father died, it was very painful for me, he was an important psychologist and he left me with that desire to know more about the mind, about people”.

“When he left, it was very shocking for me, that’s why I always put my family first, I tell them what I feel so that everyone feels supported and that we never feel alone,” Nicole said during the conference, which had a great response from the public.

Photo: Haaron Alvarez

The Oscar-winning actress for The hoursand the Emmy for the series Big Little Liesis known for helping women in the world, was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to UN Women in 2006; seeks to raise awareness about the violation of women’s human rights.

“I’ve been at this for over 20 years, I have crossed the world with women to find the protection of all in different places, find a place with their children for all those who raised their voices and do not want to experience more injustice or violence; It is something that my father also taught me: he took me to shelters, I learned much more about humanitarian aid and I told him that I would like to take care of people. He guided me down a path of love, support, trust and help others. That’s how I grew up, it’s what I do and I would like to continue doing “, emphasized the actress.

He assured that violence against women increased during the pandemic, that’s why she never wants to leave anyone alone as she once felt in a part of her life.

I also felt alone I know what that is, and how amazing it is when you have the support of others, like I did,” he said.


Photo: Haaron Alvarez

“Also in my work as an actress, by telling stories I intend to play roles that generate empathy with the world; Beyond entertainment, I also like to give a message on television because I consider it a very big responsibility to know what we want to say and tell, I like to see life from other eyes, other characters, ”she added.


Kidman shared with the public when her mom got cancer and the painful process she went through: “My mom had cancer, I was my youngest, she was 17 years old when she was diagnosed, so it was very difficult for me because I saw her lose her hair and her confidence; The whole family was affected, we did not have the money to go through everything that was happening, it was very difficult. I massaged her, I didn’t want to see her so sad. I want to generate that love within the family, I don’t want families to be affected as I experienced it because it is something devastating; i help people be there for people i love doing this”, highlighted the actress.

Gratitude is an important part of her life, for her with the act of waking up it is already saying: “Thank you”

“I feel very grateful, very blessed, what few know about me is that every day I wake up in a good mood, there is no bad mood in me, I have a good mood; that’s gratitude, I love dawn. Opening my eyes to start my day… that’s enough, ”she mentioned.

Nicole Kidman

Photo: Haaron Alvarez

To conclude the talk, he left a advice for the students, their daughters and one more for her child self.

“I would tell him to relax, that everything should be calm.”

To my daughters: “I want them to be happy and see themselves in the eyes of others”.

And to you, students: go for it all please go and change the world”.


Guests 2022

This year featured great talents in addition to Kidman were gymnast Simone Biles, and world leader in marketing, Nick Tran, as well as influencers Brianda Deyanara, Juanpa Zurita, Luisito Comunica and Sofía Niño de Rivera. And the hosts Carlos Slim Helu, Carlos Slim Domit and Arturo Elías Ayub.

Participants other years

Anthony Hopkins, John Travolta, Bono, Sylvester Stallone, as well as Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France; Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize; Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook; and Hillary Clinton, among many more.


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