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Nicole Kidman and the reasons for her greatest depression

Nicole Kidman and the reasons for her greatest depression

It is clear that her performance won her an Oscar for best actress, one of those awards that are never forgotten. But for Nicole Kidman, composing Virginia Woolf in the movie The hours, led her to a terrible depression from which he had a hard time getting out.

Nicole Kidman, now 54, had just got divorced of which she was her husband for 11 years, also actor Tom Cruise. And putting himself in the shoes of the famous writer made him feel at that moment in a “remote” and “depressed” place.

“I was not in my own body,” Kidman declared during an interview in the space. This Cultural Life of Radio 4, pertaining to the British chain BBC.

Nicole Kidman, In &Quot;The Hours&Quot;, The Movie That Led To Depression.  Afp Photo

Nicole Kidman, in “The Hours”, the movie that led to depression. AFP photo

Why did it affect her so much

During the interview, the actress made specific references to some of the most significant moments of the film in which he was completely carried away by the spirit of the character.

And he gave as an example the final scene, which reflects Virginia Woolf’s suicide on the Ouse River, very close to her home in Susex.

I don’t know if I ever thought of danger. I was so into it. I mean, I put the stones in my pockets and got into the river. And again. Probably, I did not take into account the danger enough ”, confessed the American actress on the scene in question.

Nicole Kidman And The Oscar For Best Actress, For &Quot;The Hours&Quot;, In 2003. Afp Photo

Nicole Kidman and the Oscar for best actress, for “The Hours”, in 2003. AFP Photo

And he continued: “Virginia flowed through me. I was a practically open vessel for this to happen. And I think Stephen (Daldry, the director of the film) was very sensitive to me because he knew it. ” A receptivity towards the character to which she felt predisposed and which she believes is “probably the beauty of the actor’s life.”

Your mental health

In addition to talking about her specific experience playing the writer Virginia Woolf, Nicole Kidman also took the opportunity to tell about your experiences in mental health.

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman At The Venice International Film Festival In 1999. Afp Photo

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the Venice International Film Festival in 1999. AFP Photo

The actress assured that throughout her life she has “deepened and crossed many different landscapes of mental health, loss, joy …” and that now she is much more “aware” of time and that is close to “some of the greatest minds in the world”.

“I have grown up with them, they have taught me, they have trained me and they have seen me, and that is a beautiful journey to undertake. I hope it still continues, but I appreciate it (…). I definitely don’t want to shut down as I get older. I want to be more open, to be more available and to be more free ”, he said.

About the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise, with whom she has two adopted children, Bella and Connor, Kidman had already spoken in an interview in 2012 in the magazine quien. There he admitted that had to find his way “through depression” and that that experience was part of his “growth.”

He also then explained that part of the depression was due to her attempts to conceive with Tom and that she thought she could never have a biological child after failed fertility treatment and suffered several miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

However, in 2008, the actress, already united with her current partner, the singer Keith Urban, gave birth to their daughter Sunday Rose. In 2010 they both became parents to another girl, Faith Margaret, through a surrogate.

Source: BBC / El País


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