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Nicolas Cage will be an alcoholic dragon

Yes, that’s right, you read that right: Nicolas Cage, Hollywood’s hardest-working actor, will play an alcoholic dragon in his new series for Paramount+.

Highfirewhich was initially being developed for Amazon Prime Video, will adapt Eoin Colfer’s novel framed in the genre of the criminal thriller with a dose of magical realismwhose main character is a dragon (named Highfire) vodka lover and flashdance, who lives isolated in the swamps of Louisiana.

The series is being created by Davey Holmes, the person in charge of Get Shortyand has been defined as a mixture between True Detective Y My friend the dragon.

"Highfire", the new Nicolas Cage, went from Amazon Prime Video to Paramount +.

“Highfire”, the new Nicolas Cage, went from Amazon Prime Video to Paramount +.

Once upon a time… dragons ruled the land

The official synopsis reads thus: “Once upon a time… a time ruled by dragons, with Lord Highfire dominating the dragons from his eagle’s nest. But this is not once upon a time, this is now, and now Lord Highfire lives in his shack in the swamp on Louisiana’s Honey Island.”

“Highfire has become old Vern, who during the day hides among alligators, watches cable TV, and drinks obscene amounts of vodka to pass the time. It’s not much of a life, but he’s whole to live it, and Vern is prepared to do whatever it takes, even if it’s violent, to save his own skin.”

A “Flashdance” T-shirt

When Vern’s world collides with a human teenager named Squib, who gets into some trouble for selling alcohol to the local mobtheir mutual struggle for survival becomes entangled in the most unlikely of friendships.

"The weight of talent", the last film released by Nicolas Cage.

“The weight of talent”, the last film released by Nicolas Cage.

Wearing (almost) always a T-shirt flashdance, he lights cigarettes with the fire from his snout, watches too much TV, and drinks too much vodka to keep loneliness at bay.

When Squib meets Vern, he makes a deal. He can get Vern his vodka and help him keep him company in exchange for Vern’s protection. Will they be able to save each other, or will they both go out in a blaze of glory?

change of course

After the draft series Joe Exoticabout the protagonist of the viral documentary tiger-kingwas canceled, this will be the first series starring Nicolas Cage, thus adding a new role… (how to define it…) rare to a career full of memorable characters.

Nicolas Cage with his wife, Japanese actress Riko Shibata.

Nicolas Cage with his wife, Japanese actress Riko Shibata.

Just think, without going too far, to the comic character with a flaming skull in Ghost Rider, The Phantom Avengerthe twin brothers in AThe Orchid Thiefa black superhero in Spider-Man: A new universe and a fictional version of himself in The weight of talent.

Paramount+ is in a good place right now, with series created by Taylor Sheridan like Yellowstone, 1883 Y The Mayor of Kingstownall series of star trekhits like Evil and video game series Aura.

Tastes are tastes

Coincidentally not long ago, Cage, recognized as a talented and fascinating actor, chose comedian Jimmy Kimmel to return to television livings after 14 years. Maybe it was because the driver was born in Las Vegas, the city that Cage adopted as his since 2006. There he married for the fifth time in February of last year with the Japanese actress Riko Shibata (27) in one of his most luxurious hotels.

With her, he opened a house in a closed neighborhood. 15 minutes from the famous strip, guarded by dragons, there’s a picture of prince on roller skates and a drawing of his father on the fireplace among other cult objects for his fans.

There, moreover, he confirmed that he has 12 tattoosthat sing and swim They are two of the things he likes the most because they relax him and that Elvis and Bowie are his heroes. Remember that at 12 I wanted to be like Bruce Lee and how at 15 he was selling tickets and popcorn at the Fairfax theater in Los Angeles, thinking about how to break into the profession.


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