Home Entertainment Nicolas Cage will be a father for the third time at 58

Nicolas Cage will be a father for the third time at 58

Nicolas Cage will be a father for the third time at 58

2022 couldn’t have started in a better way for Nicolas Cage. The popular actor and his wife, Riko Shibata, announced that they will become parents this year, as confirmed by the magazine People, which ensures that future dads couldn’t be more delighted with the news.

This will be Shibata’s first child, while it will be the third time for the actor, who She already has two children from two previous relationships: Weston, 31, fruit of his relationship with actress Christina Fulton and who has already given him two grandchildren; and Kal-El, 16, from his marriage to fellow actress Alice Kim, his longest-lasting partner to date, since they were together for more than a decade.

This happy news will expand the family of the actor, who at 58 seems to have achieved the happiness and stability he longed for, with Shibata, 27, whom he married in February 2021 in a ceremony at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

Nicolas Cage And His Wife Riko Shibata, During Their Wedding In Las Vegas.  Now They Announced That They Will Be Parents This Year.

Nicolas Cage and his wife Riko Shibata, during their wedding in Las Vegas. Now they announced that they will be parents this year.

Is the fifth the charm?

Shibata is the fifth wife of the actor, whom he met during a trip to Shiga, Japan, the young woman’s native country, a few weeks after the dissolution of his troubled marriage to waitress Erika Koike, which lasted just four days, in 2019.

The actor, according to what he said at the time, fell madly in love with Riko, whom He asked her casually during a video call within days of meeting. Months later they finalized their wedding in Las Vegas in a ceremony in which Riko wore a traditional kimono.

Contrary to what happened with his previous partners, Nicolas Cage hardly appeared in public with his wifeExcept on two occasions when they posed for photographers on the red carpet during the premiere of one of the actor’s latest films.

A four day marriage

With this new paternity, Cage seems to have forgotten the previous marriage experience, one of the most fleeting in Hollywood. It was in 2019, also in Las Vegas with makeup artist Erika Koike, 34.

Four days after getting married, the actor asked for the marriage annulment on the fourth day, claiming that during the celebration he was “too drunk”, he did not know what he was doing and that he was totally oblivious to his new wife’s criminal past.

While that was a very fleeting marriage, it wasn’t the only troubled one for Cage. Before, the actor He was married to actress Patricia Arquette for nine months. And then he married Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s daughter, within ten days of meeting her. They divorced three months later.

The third time that Cage tried his luck with marriage was with Alice Kim, in 2004 and with whom he was until 2016. With her he had his second son Kal-El Cage, in 2005 while the eldest, Weston, was born in December 1990 , fruit of his relationship with actress Christina Fulton.

Meanwhile, after a time away from the cinema, Nicolas Cage will return to film a new version of Count Dracula, to be produced by Universal Pictures starring Nicholas Hoult and no release date for now.

According to the site Deadline, Cage will play the co-star character Renfield, a madhouse patient obsessed with drinking blood and convinced that this will achieve immortality.


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