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Nicolas Cage came out of the cave

Nicolas Cage came out of the cave

always amazing Nicolas Cage going through a great moment, expecting a baby at 58, convinced that drama pig It was the best film of his career (and he’s scored a century) and he’s still recovering from the whirlwind that brought him to play a character who’s an actor and goes by his name. weight of talentHis new comedy.

Known as a talented and charming actor, Cage picked the comedian jimmy kimmele In 2022 to inaugurate his return to television after 14 years. Perhaps it was because Driver was born in Las Vegas, which Cage had adopted since 2006. There he married the Japanese actress for the fifth time in February last year. riko shibata (27) in one of its most luxurious hotels.

With her, he opens a house in a closed neighborhood, of which he has just opened the doors of the magazine. GQ, A 15-minute walk from the famous bar, guarded by dragons, is a photo of the prince on roller skates and a photo of his father over the fireplace among other cult objects for his fans.

Cage in "The Weight of Talent," which premieres here Thursday, May 19.  bf photo

Cage in “The Weight of Talent,” which premieres here Thursday, May 19. bf photo

Ironically, a battalion of fans of different ages is growing up on the Internet, even if the actor doesn’t have a social network. “Is it true that you bought a cave from bats?” It’s a question that Francis Ford Coppola’s nephews are accustomed to receiving. He clarified that he did not buy it, although he went to see it and played with the idea of ​​lying naked in its depths to strengthen his relationship with nature.

freak cage

It’s the kind of magic that appeals to her most about being a kid at her age (she has two sons, ages 16 and 31). “See how dazzling they get when they first discover the snowflake,” he says. On another famous talk show, James Corden, he sang a lullaby to show off actor and new father Aaron Paul (breaking badHow to Calm a Colicky Baby.

Pedro Pascal ("The Mandalorian") co-stars the new Cage.  bf photo

Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”) co-stars the new Cage. bf photo

He is haunted by his eccentric image, he does not deny that he is, and that is why he has to explain in his interviews how he bought the two-headed snake that was presented to him the day after his dream. Two headed eagle. He explains that he donated it to a zoo when he learned that the two heads were fighting over mealtimes.

Cool, ready to briefly open up and get out of his cave, to pamper himself, Nicolas Cage even lending himself to play on the video for the magazine wiredWhere he answered the questions made by him on the Internet. Why he changed his last name, for example, from Coppola to Cage. He says he was bullied when Robert Duvall made his film debut using a phrase from one of his uncle’s masterpieces, Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”, which he changed to “I love the smell of Nicholas in the morning”. Cage falls for a Marvel character he admires and also for the famous musician.

During his time at the talk show, Francis Ford Coppola's nephew revealed several intimacies.  bf photo

During his time at the talk show, Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew revealed several intimacies. bf photo

He confirms that he has 12 tattoos, singing and swimming are the two things he loves the most because they give him comfort and Elvis and Bowie are his heroes. He remembers that at the age of 12 he wanted to be like Bruce Lee and that at the age of 15 he was selling tickets and popcorn at the Fairfax Theater in Los Angeles, wondering how to enter the profession.

dream movie studio in las vegas

He filmed several films in what is now his city, in which he was awarded an Oscar (goodbye to vegas, 1995) and assured that he was going to open a film studio near those casinos he does not go to. He came to collect $80 million, but the municipality set him aside to welcome Elon Musk and his Tesla corporation. “The studio thing is about to come out,” Cage insists.

Nicolas Cage in "Pig", not released in Argentina.  photo file clarin

Nicolas Cage in “Pig”, not released in Argentina. photo file clarin

In these years when not much was known about him, which coincided with the dark period after his father’s death, he seems to have lost a fortune and made several films that had no effect. Now he’s back, thanks to a film director who was a fan of him and wanted him to do a comic version of him weight of talent (Chile with Pedro Pascal). And Hollywood welcomed him with open arms, even though it didn’t earn him another Oscar nomination that many critics thought he deserved for his work. pig,


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