Nicki Minaj announced her album in Topless

MEXICO CITY. – She became a mother only eight months ago, so the launch of her first song received very little publicity. Rappers seeing Nikki Minaj Decided to start again “beam me up Scotty“Campaign using his social network and appearing in a thong with a pink cap.

But to warm up to more than 130 million of her followers, she announced a few days ago, wearing an equally semi-nude, diamond-studded croc, which boosted shoe sales.

In addition to her flesh-colored underwear, Nikki wore a hat with the word “icon” on it, as well as various diamond jewelry. The 38-year-old Minaj took time to return to music after giving birth to her son in September last year. The “Starship” singer also shared the first images of her child, which she named “Papa Bear”.

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