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Nick Jonas’s accident in show, hospitalized

Nick Jonas's accident in show, hospitalized

Nick Jonas It became a trend By acting in an unfortunate incident.

And is that The American singer suffered an accident.

Celebrity events

Last days are on Very rugged in the American media scene.

It was also revealed a few days ago Robert De Niro’s accident during filming For his new project, which forced him to leave due to an injury to his leg.

Now a jonasi

In the case of the young singer, a member of the “Jonas Brothers”, There is not much information about his accident; Although it is known what happened while they were working.

Hermeticism in the case

Secrets around this new Nick Jonas’ project is such that it is unknown what they were recording.

Crash however Artist forced to move by ambulance One of the nearest hospitals.

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You already have a house

The US portal ‘TMZ’ reported that the singer was fortunately discharged, So he relaxes at home before reappearing on television.

Nick Jonas One of the coaches of the American musical reality show “The Voice”.

Injury in mexico

It is expected that today, on Monday 17 May, the singer will reappear in a new installment of the program In which their wounds can be estimated.

This is not the first time Nick Jonas has been in an accident while working, He suffered a hand injury in 2018. During one of their demanding training sessions to face a show in Mexico.

Profession of risk?

What seems obvious is that in recent times Filming new projects is becoming a high-risk occupation in Hollywood, Facing two very unfortunate accidents in a few days.

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