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Nick Jonas shares update after getting injured during baseball game

Nick Jonas is feeling well and is ready to play more music this weekend! On Sunday, the 29-year-old singer sustained an injury during a baseball game and was taken to the hospital by his brother, Kevin Jonas. On Monday, the “Jealous” singer gave an update via Twitter after a fan reacted to a video of him walking into the hospital.

“Sooooooooooo wrong to do this movie but hope he is okay anyway! @nickjonas,” tweeted user.jonasso Reply to fan’s tweet, agreeing with him and sharing some good news. “Yeah that’s for sure… but I’m doing much better!” The “This is Heaven” singer replied. “It’s always good to be 100% sure! Can’t wait for the second round this weekend in Vegas!”

Nick Jonas

Nick’s wife Priyanka Chopra, who was missing from California at the time of the incident, is currently in Paris for work.

Nick and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, are headed back to Las Vegas this upcoming weekend for the final three dates of their residency at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino. Ahead of last weekend’s show, ET caught up with the group at the opening of their pop-up pawn shop and talked about their feelings on the show.

“Great, we’re so pumped,” Nick said. “Whether it’s Pawnshop, or the show itself, we’re trying to engage the fans that have been with us from day one.”

The brothers — favorite Uncle Franklin included — did much to celebrate, with their parents adding the Sin City location of their restaurant, Nelly’s Southern Kitchen, to the group’s list of achievements. As Joe said of his residence, pop-up, and restaurant, “It’s much bigger than we expected.”

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