Nick Jonas on daughter Malti: ‘She’s a gift’

Nick Jonas on daughter Malti: 'She's a gift'

Nick Jonas is a sucker for his baby girl! On Monday, the 29-year-old musician gave an update on life with him and wife Priyanka Chopra’s daughter Malti – now home from the NICU.

The “Life is Beautiful,” the “This Is Heaven” singer shared during an appearance today a demonstration. “She is a gift and we are so blessed to have her back home.”

Malti, who was born in January, is part of the ever-growing Jonas family, which includes daughters Kevin and Danielle Jonas, Alina, 8, and Valentina, 5, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s 1-year-old daughter Vila. , Joe and Sophie are also expecting baby number 2.

“Jonas Family Keeps Growing, Lots of Girls,” dancing with Myself said the host. “No boys. My parents are thrilled. Now the grandparent of four beautiful granddaughters.”

On Mother’s Day, Nick shared Malti’s first photo with the news that she spent over 100 days in the NICU after her birth.

“This Mother’s Day we can’t help but reflect on these past few months and the rollercoaster we now know, which so many have experienced,” Nick wrote next to his first public photo of his baby. ” Girl

“After more than 100 days in the NICU, our little girl is finally home. Every family’s journey is unique and requires a certain level of trust, and while we’ve had a challenging few months, looking back it becomes clear how precious and perfect every moment is. We’re so glad our little girl is finally home, and we want to thank every doctor, nurse, and specialist at Ready Children’s La Jolla and Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles who were selflessly every step of the way. Our next chapter begins now, and our kid really is a badass. Let’s get it M! Mommy and daddy love you.’ ,

The “Jealous” singer continued, “Babe, you inspire me in every way possible, and you’re taking on this new role with such ease and consistency. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you.” You are already an incredible mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.”

Shortly after the announcement, a source told ET how the new parents are doing after a few months of their “roller coaster.”

“The best part is that the family is in the comfort of their own home and can start making new memories with their daughter outside the hospital,” the source added. “This position has made the couple stronger than ever and having their daughter makes them feel complete.”

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