New controversies in opposition to the daddy of “Gomita”

The motive force’s father was charged with tried homicide.

MEXICO. – After the criticism that Araceli Ordaz, higher referred to as “Gummy bear”, in opposition to his father Alfredo Ordaz, who was additionally violently attacked by Alfredo’s associate for defending his mom, it turned identified that the topic had already taken place was in jail after this a dispute with one other group of clowns.

A nationwide journal interviewed an alleged sufferer who confirmed that the Papa from “Gomita” has violent conduct.

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The daddy of “Gomita” charged with tried homicide

It was TVyNovelas journal that interviewed Rubén López, the clown ‘Pillín’, who varieties the artist duo along with his brother Fernando López, higher referred to as ‘Koko’ (“Los pillines”); who insured that Alfredo Ordaz stole a routine from them Stand-up comedian and later gave it to his kids.

After he had introduced his routine on the Televisa program “Sabadazo”, the check topics referred to as him by telephone in August 2013 to order Declare plagiarism, however the father of “Gomita” consisted of phrases with ‘Koko’ and threatened him.

“We spoke to him to complain, then he spoke to my brother, who is the clown ‘Koko’, and threatened that he would stick him in his ma # $% if he saw him,” defined Fernando López publishing reveals.

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“Gomita’s” father was in jail

However in January 2014, ‘Koko’ went to a tire retailer and located Alfredo Ordaz, who hit the clown with a steel gun. The sufferer suffered a fractured cranium and was handed out. As a result of harm, he was unable to stand up for a month and suffered from dizziness and vomiting.

‘Koko’ filed a criticism with the authorities, which the native prosecutor filed Warrant for tried homicide and “Gomita’s” father spent per week in jail from Bordo de Xochiaca.

The attacker received his freedom when he pleaded responsible to what he was charged with, “He paid his bail and repaired the damage,” he stated comic

You is perhaps : An infidelity, the rationale why Gomita’s father hit her

With the cash of his kids he fell in love with “girls”

One other journal reported that too “Gomitas” dad is losing cash their kids to overcome ladies. In an interview with TVNotas, a identified from “Gomita” He stated Don Alfredo was not solely violent but additionally untrue and intensely macho.

In line with this alleged supply, Alfredo Ordaz stated they owe him every part, however solely as a result of he has been dealing with his kids’s cash since they turned well-known.

“Since they were little, their parents walked them from place to place at work […] he lives the good life, but without her he would not have a penny and would continue to live near his parents’ house, there in Nezahualcóyotl, because they did not have a house of their own, ”stated the relative.

The supply commented that too the daddy of “Gomita” “looks at pure girls in her twenties, her daughter’s age or younger, “and that her infidelity started years in the past.

“He is a womanizer, his infidelity began greater than three years in the past and he not solely cheated on Eli with one particular person. A few of his kin have even seen him: he picks up ladies of their twenties and buys them items with the identical cash as his Generate kids within the circus, he’s not ashamed! ”, Defined the interviewee.

Since he was a violent particular person, he assured that “Gomita’s” father at all times used violence about you and your mom. He additionally made certain that he was macho and misogynist and forbade the Youtuber from carrying sure forms of clothes.

“Yes, he often beat her, especially Ara (” Gomita “), he was always a very macho and misogynist man who accepts women less. He controlled Ara a lot, he forbade her to dress coquettishly and to go out with friends . ” he stated. Particular person.

“When they came on TV in 2009 and kids got famous, he got more controlling, especially with money,” added the alleged supply interviewed.

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