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Networks explode against ‘Kiko’ for a show in Honduras; “It is important to save for retirement”

Target of criticism is being Carlos Villagrán, better known as “Kiko”, of Chavo del 8after some users spread some videos on social networks where he is seen personifying his iconic character to his 78 yearscausing some comments against him.

It was during a presentation in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, that Villagrán offered a show on September 2 at the Circo de los Hermanos Fuentes Gasca, that an assistant recorded only a fragment where the actor is seen dancing to a song by the reggaeton artist Pitbull.

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Quickly, the video began to go viral on the different social networks and Internet users began to attack the actor with messages rejecting that at his age he still played Kiko, the role of a primary school child. In addition, some began to demand his withdrawal from the shows.

“That is why it is important to save for retirement”, “You have to know when to retire”, “It’s funny, but not laughable funny”, “What you have to do to swallow”“The need is strong” and “The best thing for him would be to retire”, were some of the comments that TikTok users left against him.

For their part, the numerous admirers of Villagrán They began to defend him saying thatdespite his 78 years, he was still very talented and that he did not do it for money but for the love of his character.

“Many say: what you have to do to swallow. I say: thanks for taking the time and continuing to have fun without having to do it”, “Kiko the best comedian in the neighborhood of the guy is a living legend” and “when you love what you do, everything you do is super excellent,” they defended the comedian.

Currently, Villagrán lives in Querétaro and it is through his Instagram account where he has shared some photos of his day to day life, showing himself very strong and wanting to continue giving life to Kiko, a character who managed to position him as one of the most famous comedians in Mexico and Latin America.


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