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Netflix uploaded the intense trailer for Volume 2 of “Stranger Things 4” to the network, which will premiere in July

The fourth season of the series premiered on Friday, May 27. stranger things Not all episodes were immediately available on Netflix, though. This time, the makers decided to split the story into two parts (volume 1 You Volume 2), first with 7 episodes and second with 2 episodes.

Volume 2 It will only arrive on Friday, July 1, but Netflix has uploaded a trailer for that final segment of the story (at least for now) that began in 2016 and has become one of the most successful series in history.

what have i seen vol.1

At its premiere in late May, volume 1 of strange things 4 It came nearly three long years after the end of Season 3. In the seven new chapters, the horror tone was accentuated with the appearance of a villain named Vecna ​​and some of the best action sequences in the entire saga.

stranger things season 4

stranger things season 4

As for the story, it told events six months after the Season 3 finale, in which Hopper was trapped in a Soviet prison and Eleven and Will, Jonathan and Joyce both moved to Lenora Hills, California.

a feature of volume 1 It is that it answered many questions about the origin of the parallel world called the Upside Down (“Up Down”), such as Eleven’s troubled relationship with Vecna ​​and how Hopper survived the explosion at Starcourt Mall.

But there are still two more episodes to be released, which exceed the 75 minutes of each chapter already watched: they will have 85 and 150 minutes, respectively.

Co-creator Matt Duffer says, “Now that we have more characters, they’re spread out, and we wanted to tell the story without losing sight of each one, which should also have its own emotional depth. That’s why we needed it in the last episode.” Long Term”.

what’s coming in volume 2

a monster from Stranger Things

a monster from Stranger Things

What will be seen on July 1 is a mystery, but there are already some clues, thanks to the new trailer that many fans will have seen at the end of Episode 7 and which is available now on the social networks YouTube and Netflix.

The entire Hawkins crew is shown preparing for the final performance in the Upside Down. There are clips of Steve, Maya and Nancy in a dark forest, Hopper seeing aliens in glass containers, Vecna ​​reaching out as some people fly by, and a tremendous explosion. It is unknown what caused the fire, but it may have been Hopper’s prison in Alaska or Wacna, although it would be rare for a villain to die so easily.

Vecna’s voice is heard in the background, as the creature formerly known as Henry Krell/001 says, “It’s all over, XI. You set me free. You can’t hold it anymore.”

For the already released episode, they show how Joyce and Murray saved Hopper, but Eleven is still trapped in the lab with doctors Brenner and Owens at Nevada State. And nothing can be said about what happened after Mike, Will, Jonathan and Angela buried a government agent.

Meanwhile, at Hawkins, Steve, Robin and Eddie successfully escape the Upside Down, but Nancy is trapped as Vecna’s latest victim. And both Dustin and Lucas, Max and Erica figure out how to communicate with Nancy in a parallel universe. Another is the fact that Vecna’s wrist was seen with a “001” tattoo, i.e. it is Peter/One.

In short, after 7 episodes of vol.1 There are many loose ends and issues to be resolved in Volume 2,

season 5

Winona Ryder resumed her career with Stranger Tyings.  ap photo

Winona Ryder resumed her career with Stranger Tyings. ap photo

Once this fourth season ends, only the final season will be missing, which will surely release in late 2023 or early 2024, as filming hasn’t started yet.


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